1. High Performance Sheathing Tape

    High Performance Sheathing Tape 1640CW

    Pressure Sensitive, high performance construction seam sealing tape with aggressive acrylic adhesive and exceptional temperature resistance.

    1640CW is a permanent, high performance pressure sensitive tape solution for the seaming and sealing of joints in house wraps, sheathing materials, vapour barriers & foam insulation. It also provides instant repairs to ripped and torn construction films and membranes. It’s aggressive, UV-resistant solvent acrylic based pressure-sensitive adhesive is partnered with the flexibility and conformability of UV stabilized polypropylene film. This provides superior sealing and protective benefits, whilst offering ease of handling that are the characteristics of a high performance tape. 1640CW has exceptional temperature resistance, performing at sub-zero as low as -40ºC, through to 100ºC.Sheathing Tape

    • Airtight, Vapour Barrier Protection
    • Aggressive Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive
    • Suitable for Seaming Internal & External Sheathing materials
    • Instant Repair to Damaged Membranes

    1640CW Sheathing Tape Application Notes.

    Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease, dust and debris prior to bonding. Do NOT apply to wet surfaces (facing or wood). Suitable for hand or machine application. Ensure 1640CW is applied centrally over the seam. Minimum recommended width of 50.8 mm (2”). Optimum recommended width 60mm – 100mm.

    Technical Data

    • Colour: Red
    • Standard Sizes: 60mm x 50 Metres, 100mm x 50 Metres (other sizes made to order)
    • Adhesive: High Performance Solvent Cast Acrylic
    • Backing: 1.6 mil / 40 µ BOPP
    • Tensile Strength: 30 (131 N/25mm) (lbs/in of width)
    • Adhesion to Steel: 40 (10.9 N/25mm) (oz/in of width)
    • Elongation: 120 (% at break)
    • Total Thickness: 3.0 (0.076mm) (mils)
    • Application Temperature: -18º to +50ºC
    • Service Temperature Resistance: -40°C to +100°C


    Technical Data Sheet 1640CW Sheathing Tape

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  2. tesa® 50600 Standard

    tesa 50600 Green High Temperature Masking Tape for Powder Coating

    Tesa 50600 High Temperature Green Masking Tape 250mm x 66M tesa 50600 Green High Temperature Masking Tape UK Distributor

    Green Polyester/Silicone Masking Tape 

    • High temperature resistance (up to 220°C for 30 minutes)
    • Residue-free removability for masking and surface protection applications
    • 250mm x 66 Metres (Other Sizes Available)

     Order Online Here:

    tesa® 50600 Applications

    • Masking off areas that are to be protected during powder-coating processes
    • Surface protection
    • Bonding and splicing of non-polar materials


    tesa® 50600 is a green-translucent, high-temperature masking tape featuring a polyester backing with a silicone adhesive. Used for various applications, especially for masking during powder-coating processes, surface protection applications or bonding and splicing of non-polar materials.

    It enables sharp color edges and offers excellent paint anchorage. The silicone adhesive system makes the tape extremely heat-resistant, withstanding extreme temperatures of up to 220°C for as long as 30 minutes at a time.

    The high-temperature masking tape offers easy application and one-piece, residue free removal.

    Technical Properties

    • Elongation at break:110 %
    • Type of adhesive: silicone
    • Tensile strength: 75 N/cm
    • Total thickness: 80 µm
    • Backing material: PET film
    • Adhesion to steel: 4 N/cm
    • Temperature resistance: 220 °C
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  3. tesa 6917 Resealable Bag Closure Tape

    tesa 6917 Resealable Bag Closure Tape

    Filmic Double Sided Bag Sealing Tape with Differential Adhesive

    tesa 6917 has been designed for re-sealable filmic bags. It consists of a transparent double-sided PP-film with a differential adhesive system. 6197 can easily be cut with the hot wire systems of common bag machine producers.

    Due to different adhesion values on each side, tesa 6917 offers good removability on the covered adhesive side.

    tesa 6917 is supplied with a finger lift (oversized) backing liner to aid quick removal. It is a proven re-closure system for chilled and ambient goods alongside the Flexcan style of pouch, it offers a very reliable re-closure for the pack.


    • Widely recognised re-closure system 
    • tesa 6917 resealable bag closure tapeReliable adhesive system which will not age and make packs look out of date
    • Fingerlift liner is easy for consumers to understand and use.
    • Highly productive integration solutions from tesa into existing production lines.

    6917 Applications: 

    • Re-openable closure system for filmic bags
    • Removable emblems or profiles

    6917 Standard Sizes:

    • 7mm x 10,000 Metres
    • 9mm x 7,000 Metres
    • 12mm x 500 Metres
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  4. Happy New Year

    Happy 2022!

    The team are back to work in full force after diligent lateral flow tests.

    We hope you had a wonderful break, and look forward to looking after you in 2022.

    Quick Links to make your life a little easier;

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  5. Holiday Shutdown

    Holiday Shutdown

    2021 Draws to a close.

    Our team are taking a very well deserved break.

    Office & Factory Closing Date: 23.12.2021

    Back to Business: 04.01.2022

    Orders placed after 2pm on the 23.12.2021 will be processed & dispatched on our return on the 4th January, 2022.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Wishing you a safe & magical holiday!


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  6. Intumescent Resilient Floor Tape

    Intumescent Resilient Tape

    Intumescent Resilient Floor Tape

    50mm x 4.5mm / 50mm x 6mm / 50mm x 9mm

    Custom Sizes Made to Order.

    R1000 is a resilient floor tape offering acoustic isolation and vibration dampening, as well as providing an intumescent seal when heated to 200°C.

    • High Performance Acrylic Adhesive
    • Vibration Dampening
    • Conformable
    • Resilient
    • Halogen Free
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  7. The UK's No 1 Foam Tape Superstore

    Affixit, UK Manufacturer & Distributor of Self Adhesive Foam Tapes

    Affixit - Home to over 30,000 Rolls of Technical Self Adhesive Foam Tapes

    Let's take a closer look at the Single Sided Foam Tapes on offer from our ISO 9001 : 2015 Approved UK Factory.

    Custom Sized Rolls & Gaskets Made to Order - Call 01440 765 515 Email: [email protected]

    Closed Cell, Medium Density PVC Foam Tape

    Our standard single sided foam tapes are made form a closed cell, medium density PVC foam and feature an acrylic adhesive on one side. Suitable for both internal and external applications, this single sided foam tape is used for cushioning, gap filling, insulating, noise dampening and sealing. Sealing against air, dust and water (when compressed by 30% it will provide a 1000pa water seal).

    Standard Options:


    Standard Thicknesses: 1.5mm up to 15mm

    Standard Widths: 10mm up to 25mm


    Standard Thicknesses: 1.5mm up to 6mm

    Standard Widths: 10mm up to 25mm

    White (Open Cell)

    Standard Thicknesses: 3mm up to 6mm

    Standard Widths: 10mm up to 25mm

    EPDM Tape

    A versatile, blended cellular rubber foam tape with high tack pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It offers excellent resistance to water making it ideal for sealing applications. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) /Neoprene sponge tape has an impressive sound and thermal control and is often used used for acoustic appliances and vibration dampening. Available in Rolls, Sheets & Gaskets. 

    Standard Thicknesses: 1mm up to 10mm

    Standard Widths: 10mm (other widths / gaskets made to order)

    Expanding Foam Tape

    BBA Approved EXP6 Expanding Joint Sealing Tape creates a permanently elastic weather tight seal that will protect against the harshest of elements including Wind Driven Rain to 600 Pascals

    Joint Depths: 1mm up to 42mm 


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  8. Reflective Tape for Horseboxes & Trailers

    Reflective Tape for Horseboxes and Trailers

    Reflective Tape


    Horseboxes and Trailers

    Hardwearing Premium Grade Reflective Tape ECE104 Approved

    Conspicuity Tape ECE104 Yellow / Red / White

    Conspicuity Tape

    Vehicle conspicuity tape improves vehicle safety through accident avoidance and reduction in accident severity. Increased safety results in reduced liability payments and additional savings for your fleet. This premium conspicuity tape is designed for easy vehicle detection at dawn, dusk and night. Suitable for fleet vehicles, school buses, farm implements and slow moving vehicles. 

    Conspicuity Tape with Solid Construction

    This premium tape is built with solid construction instead of air-celled construction like other brands. Solid construction conspicuity tape is more durable and long-lasting.

    • Exceptional Long Distance Night Time Visibility Reflective Tape for Horseboxes and Trailers
    • Resistant to Power Washing
    • No Edge Sealing Required
    • Easy to Cut
    • Durability: 8 Years
    • Low Temperature Adhesive (can be applied in cold conditions)

    Click Here for Full Range of Colours

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  9. Airtight Tape

    Airtight Tape airtight tape haverhill

    Airtight Tape Application Area

    Airtight Tape is used for sealing a wide range of boards & membranes. It has a unique, high performance adhesive making it possible to bond to surfaces where most adhesive fail.

    High Performance Airtight Sealing of Joints in Boards & Membranes

    The high performance adhesive system provides a superior bond with excellent tack values. It adheres well even to non-polar & low energy surfaces. Bonds especially well to PE Foil and HDPE/PP/PE Fleeces. The elastic film carrier is reinforced with PE-Scrim, to promote excellent bonding to a wide range of surfaces. The material is Highly Heat / wrinkle resistant and guarantees an airtight seal. The material has a unique acrylic dispersion properties to increase the life expectancy of the seal.


    • Provides Instant Airtight Seal for Board & Membrane Joints
    • Bonds to Cement Particle Boards, Calcium Silcate Boards, Sheeting Boards, Plywood, Chipboard and, Flexible Vapor Barrier Materials,airtightness tape
    • High Performance Adhesive
    • Meets the Strict requirements of En EV (DIN4108-7)  

    Airtight Tape Technical Data

    • Adhesive Carrier: LDPEco Film, Black Reinforced with scrim
    • Adhesive System: Acrylic Dispersion
    • Thickness without Liner: 0.30-0.33mm (DIN EN 1942)
    • Peel Adhesion: >25N/25mm; 300% (DIN EN 1441 0)
    • Application Temp: +5C
    • Temp range: -30C to +100C
    • Reaction to Fire: Class E (DIN EN 13501-1)
    • Water Resistance: High
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  10. Iso Connect Vario SD Window Connection Foil

    ISO Connect Vario SD Window Connection Foil

    A new generation of foils which guarantees dry joints all year round. Banning mould from the connection joint and sealing the joint in an energy-saving manner.

    Air Tight Window Connection Foil for Internal & External Sealing

    ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD plays a double role in the 3-level model of the RAL quality association for windows and front doors. Thanks to its unusual transformation ability, the window connection foil is suitable both for outdoor use as weather protection and for indoor use as an air tight layer to separate indoor and outdoor climates.

    ISO Connect Vario SD Benefits Iso Connect Vario SD Next Day from Affixit

    • High Drying Effect of Joints Through Humidity Regulating Function
    • Single Product for both Internal and External Sealing Levels 
    • Eliminates Mix-ups & Application Mistakes
    • Special Fleece Surface Suitable for Plastering and Pasting Over
    • Complies with EnEV requirements and the recommendations of the RAL “installation guide” 
    • 10 Year Function Warranty*

    ISO Connect Vario SD Technical Data

    • Material : Synthetic Fleece
    • Colour : White
    • Building Material Class (DIN EN 13501) : E
    • Impermeable to Driving Rain (DIN EN 1027) ≥ 1,050Pa
    • Air Permeability Coefficient (DIN EN 1026) a ≈ 0m3 /[h·m·(daPa)n]
    • UV Light Stability : Approx. 6 months
    • Compatibility with Adjacent Building Materials (internal test) : Requirements Fulfiled
    • SD-value Vapour Diffusion Permeability (DIN EN ISO 12572) : Depending on Avg Humidity 0.03m (vapour permeable) / 15m (vapour barrier)*
    • Temperature Stability Range : Approx. -40°C to approx. +80°C
    • Dimension Tolerance (DIN 7715 T5 P3) : Requirements Fulfiled
    • Handling Temperature Finishes A, A-G, B, C : Approx. +5°C to approx. +45°C 
    • Handling Temperature Finishes FIX, COMPLETE & COMPLETE DUO: Approx. -10°C to approx. +45°C**
    • Shelf Life : 1 year (dry and in original packing)
    • Storage Temperature : +1°C to +20°C

    * It is only possible to determine the variable sd-value with a d

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