Joist Tape (Sound Proof Floors)

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Joist Tape

Joist Tape for Acoustic Isolation

Reduces Impact and Airborne Sound Transmission

Soundproofing Foam Tape for Floor JoistsJoist Tape CST

  • Material: Specially Formulated Closed Cell Foam Tape 
  • Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Acrylic
  • Colours Available: Green
  • Service Temperature: -29°C to 71°C

Affixit Joist Tape is Quick & Easy to Apply and Delivers Instant Acoustic Improvement.

It is applied to the floor joist as an acoustic batten strip. The sound proof joist tape reduces both impact and airborne sound transmission. It can also stop squeaky floors as these squeaks are usually the side effect of there being a gap between the floor joist and sub-floor.

Joist Tape - Stop Squeaky Floors

Do you need to put a Stop to Squeaky Floors? Norton CST™ offers an easy-to-use solution to subfloor squeaks. The squeak is often caused by gaps between the subfloor and the joist. Norton CST™ virtually eliminates squeaks; it leaves a quieter & more comfortable floor.

Impact Sound Transmission (IIC Rating- Impact Insulation Classification) through floors is reduced up to 10 Times!

Airborne Sound Transmission (STC Rating – Sound Transmission Class) through wall is reduced up to 20 Times!

Joist Tape Technical Data 

Technical Data

Flame Spread Classification 15 (Class I) ASTM E-84/UL723 Joist tape rolls

Smoke Developed Classification 10 (Class I) ASTM E-84/UL723

Oxidation Resistance Passed (300 psi at 158°F during 96 h) *APA

Air Permeability @ 30% compression 0 (impermeable) *NTP-122

Thermal Conductivity (BTU (.in)/Sq. Ft. (hr.) F) .28 ASTM C-518

Recommended Service Temperature -20°F to 160°F (-29°C to 71°C)

Recommended Application Temperature 40°F to 125°F (4°C to 52°C)

Max Impact Noise Reduction -10 dB @ 1250 Hz ASTM E-989

Max Airborne Sound Reduction (through floors) -19 dB @125 Hz ASTM E-90

Max Airborne Sound Reduction (through walls) -19 dB @ 500 Hz ASTM E-90

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Joist Tape (Sound Proof Floors)

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