Thermalbond V2100 Structural Glazing Spacer Tape (Norton Tape)

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Trusted, Proven and Specified for over 45 Years

THERMALBOND ® V2100 (Norton Tape)

Trusted, Proven and Specified for over 45 Years

All Widths & Thicknesses Stocked - Custom Sizes Also Available

THERMALBOND ® V2100 (Norton Tape) 

High Strength Polyurethane Foam Spacer Tape for Structural Glazing and Cladding.

Thermalbond is the ideal spacer tape for field glazing. Trusted by architects & specifiers and used in 1000's of curtain wall applications around the world for over 45 years.

  • Open cell polyurethane foam structure allows moisture to reach the silicone ensuring a complete reaction with one part silicones
  • High density rigid foam core exhibits excellent load bearing capabilities for large units.
  • PU foam is compatible with all tested silicones, fully approved by silicone manufacturers
  •  Low thermal conductivity foam ensures there is no heat loss which inhibits condensation and provides a stable environment for metal frame units
  •  Strong initial bond enables early handling of assembled units
  • Heavy Duty filimic release liner aids ease and speed of application
  • All thicknesses stocked from 3.2mm up to 12.5mm ensuring we are able to satisfy any required silicone thickness

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Thermalbond - The World’s Most Recognized Structural Glazing Spacer.

Designed for use in structural silicone glazing systems where there is direct contact with the silicone adhesive, Thermalbond structural glazing spacers temporarily fasten the glass to the frame, allowing movement of units through the shop. The vapor permeable cell structure provides for rapid curing of the silicone adhesive.


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Thermalbond V2100 Structural Glazing Spacer Tape (Norton Tape)

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