Anti Slip Tape

Anti Slip Tape

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Anti-Slip Floor Tapes

Heavy Duty Non-Slip Tapes to Reduce Trips , Slips & Falls Instantly

  • Anti-Slip Tape (high friction, medium grit non-slip tape suitable for workshops, stairs, retail flooring & ladders. Suitable for internal and external use. Withstands high foot traffic)
  • Clear Anti-Slip Stickers (for baths, showers & wet rooms)
  • Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape (anti-slip protection for access routes, emergency routes & walkways. Illuminates instantly self-charging with natural or artificial light)

Anti-Slip Tape Sizes & Colours

We offer 25mm & 50mm wide rolls next day straight from our shelves. standard colours include Red, Black, Red & White & Yellow & Black as well as Glow in the Dark (photoluminescent)

We can also supply many other colours subject to minimum order value. Sizes range from 10mm to 1800mm. We can also change the roll length for bespoke applications subject to minimum order value, as well as produce custom made shapes and gaskets.

*Roll length change is subject to a minimum order value of £250.00 + VAT