Denso Tape

Denso Tape

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Denso Tape

Worlds No1 Anti-Corrosion Tape

Used by British Gas for sealing underground joints against moisture. Denso Tape will protect pipes, fittings and similar structures from corrosion above the ground, below the ground and even if they are immersed.

 *For buried applications apply Denso Tape with a 55% overlap to provide double thickness

Denso Tape - Trusted, specified & installed since 1929

Denso Tape Properties

  • Non Hardening
  • Non Cracking
  • A Cold Applied Tape
  • Remains plastic over a wide temperature range.
  • Highly Resistant to Mineral Acids, Alkalis, Salts & Micro-Organisms
  • Highly Impermeable to Water, Water Vapour and Gases.