Intumescent Foam Tape Norseal FS1000

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Intumescent Foam Tape : Norseal FS1000

Intumescent Foam Tape :  Norseal FS1000

Intumescent | Airtight | Watertight | Thermally Insulating 

Conformable | Compressible | Resilient 

Vibration Dampening

NORSEAL® FS1000 is a high performance single sided foam tape from Saint Gobain. It has been designed to provide a unique combination of properties in one simple solution. Traditionally these functionalities would have been serviced by separate components. FS1000 provides a complete sealing solution in one product / process.

Intumescent Foam Tape | Norseal FS1000 Guide

Norseal FS1000 Technical Data Sheet

  • Norseal Fs1000 air tight intumescent foamNoreseal FS1000 Foam Tape provides a 1000 pa air tight seal when compressed by 30%
  • intumescent water sealWhen heated to 200ºC Norseal FS1000 will expand up to 3 times it's original thickness to create a fire-resistant char which blocks fire, smoke & hot gasses
  • water tight sealing foam which acts as an intumescent sealNorseal FS1000 will provide a water tight seal when compressed by 30%
  • foam tape for thermal insulation Provides thermal insulation Intumescent Foam Tape. Norseal FS1000 from Affixit seals fire, smoke, gases, air & water.
  • compressible foam sealing tape Norseal Fs1000 Compressible & Resilient. It compresses easily and comes back to it's original thickness after compression.
  • Soft and Conformable Soft, conformable foam tape for uneven surfaces. Norseal FS1000 is a soft foam tape that easily conforms to uneven surfaces

Norseal FS1000 is easy to install. It is available in various thicknesses ranging from 4.5mm up to 13mm and can be supplied on a roll, sheet or custom made gasket. It is environmentally friendly, contains no halogen compounds, and there are no concerns of toxic gas emissions when it is heated. The material does not disperse during installation making it safe for workers and other people nearby.

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