Hang Tabs

Hang Tabs : 250 Micron APET Super High Grab Adhesive

Available in Euro Slot, Delta Slot, Round Hole & Hook Designs

Custom Designs Made To Order (MOQ 50 Rolls)

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Showing 1-12 of 12 Results

What are Hang Tabs? 

Hang tabs are self-adhesive tabs that are used to display merchandise in-store, allowing products to be displayed on hanging pegs within the consumers eye line. Affixit hang tabs are manufactured in-house in our UK factory. Standard designs include rigid and flexi-tail, with euro or delta slot options.

We supply a wide range of different hand tab styles, sizes and strengths. We also supply double-strength adhesive hang tabs for more heavy-duty use. So, you can find the right hang tabs for you whether it's a short or long-term solution. If you require smaller/bigger hang tabs we can also customise your order.

They are a great solution for businesses wanting to show off their products in-store with a strong and reliable hang tab. They can withstand being used to hang packaging and Merchandise due to the strong tack self-adhesive making them perfect for multiple retail products.

How to use Hang Tabs

As mentioned above, hang tabs are a perfect solution for retailers to display and organise their packing for products and merchandise. They are strong enough to take a substantial amount of weight and can easily be applied at the eye level of a customer to make merchandise more appealing.

Hang tabs are very easy and quick to apply. 

  1. First, make sure the area and surface you want to apply the hang tab is clean and free of moisture so that the adhesive can work at its best.
  2. Remove from the backing paper carefully, ensuring you do not touch the adhesive.
  3. Quickly apply the hang tab to and apply pressure to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive.
  4. Your merchandise is now ready to hang.

At Affixit we can customise the size and shape of your Hang Tabs depending on your business needs. With this, you also get the benefit of a variety of adhesive strengths as well as the crystal-clear transparent acrylic material we use is perfect for displaying products.

Here at Affixit, we produce and distribute all of our own Hang tabs from our factory right here in the UK. We also provide a small sample of all of our hang tabs here to see which style is best for you and your business.

Key features and benefits

  • Strong adhesive
  • A variety of sizes are available
  • Transparent acrylic
  • Customisable options are available

Technical specifications

  • Recycled APET as standard 
  • High performance pressure sensitive adhesive