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Toffee Tape - Stong, Conformable Double Sided Tape

High Tack, Double Sided, Rubber Resin Toffee Tape - Made in the UK

This highly conformable double sided tape made from pressure-sensitive rubber resin bonds difficult substrates, such as polythene, polypropylene and many more. Ideal for joining polythene sheeting, bonding kick plates, bonding wires to road surfaces, mounting light weight items , roof bar bonding, the list goes on. 

Toffee Tape Applications & Uses include;

Building & Construction.
Fixing of lightweight wall panels.
Bonding of insulation to walls.
Fixing of floor materials (carpets, threshold strips etc.).
Joining of plastic sheeting used for temporary protection e.g. during asbestos removal.
Fixing during construction of composite panelling.
Joining plastic vapour barriers used in roof construction.
Fixing during manufacture of laminate wood panels.
Fixing tiles in place on floors and walls.
Fixing side panels to caravans/mobile homes.
Fixing roof and floor coverings.
Fixing of plastic casing on white goods.
Fixing signs & displays.
Bonding together of pond liners to form a waterproof seal.
Agriculture. Joining of plastic sheeting used underground.
Repair of plastic sheeting in greenhouse construction.
Temporary tarpaulin repair and many more.......

Rubber Resin Tape
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Double Sided Toffee Tape
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Toffee Tapes
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