Scapa 2420 Silicone Rubber Coated Cloth Tape

Scapa 2420 Silicone Rubber Coated Cloth Tape
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From: £27.99 Inc VAT ( £23.32 Ex VAT)

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Scapa 2420 Silicone rubber coated Cloth Tape

Scapa 2420 is an embossed silicone rubber coated cloth with a permanent solvent based rubber/resin adhesive system, with 0.6mm total thickness with a 70 gr/m2 white siliconised paper release liner. Recommended for roll covering in web processing applications.

Scapa 2420 Applications

  • Used in the coating, label and printing industries to prevent deposit and facilitates material movement.
  • Suitable for covering rolls in web processing applications in order to provide anti-slip or anti-adherent surfaces.
  • Prevent build-up of adhesive, ink and other deposit on web transport rollers.

Scapa 2420 Benefits

  • High adhesion
  • High shear resistance
  • High coefficient of friction
  • High continuous temperature resistance
  • Cohesive adhesive 
  • Service temperature: -10°C to +100°C

Scapa 2420 Technical Properties

  • Thickness (mm) : 0.6 (AFERA 5006)
  • Peel Adhesion on Steel N/25 mm :  4.1 (AFERA 5001)
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