Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape

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Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Floor Tapes

Illuminates & Increases Grip on Stairs & Access Walkways & Emergency Exits

Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Floor Tapes

Illuminates Routes & Increases Grip 

Perfect for Stairs, Walkways, Night Clubs and Emergency Routes 

Light Failure?

Our industry leading glow in the dark grip tape is highly visible and effective. Not only is the self adhesive plastic base photoluminescent, the resin which holds the grit to the tape is also photoluminescent too.

During regular light, glow in the dark anti-slip tape and appears to be a light shade of green. However, there is a dramatic transformation when the light is removed. When it becomes dark it instantly emits a bright white light. This photoluminescent grip tape can be charged by either natural UV light or artificial light. The longevity of the light emission varies according to the amount of light the tape has received (the more light it has the longer it works), However the duration of light / glow emission is typically a few hours.

*None of the photoluminescent materials produced by Affixit contain any radioactive products.

This non-slip tapes features our industry leading mineral coating which by far exceeds the current & proposed requirements for anti-slip legislation in the UK, EU, USA & Australia. The deep grit construction aid to prevent 'clogging' of dirt & dust ensuring maximum glow life span.

This tape is offered in 25mm & 50mm width for next day delivery. Custom widths, shapes & die cuts can also be supplied.  

Testing has been performed using DIN, Pendulum and ASTM criteria, test certificates and approvals are available by email.

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