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  1. Velcro Tape Rolls

    Velcro Tape Rolls

    £7.20 Inc VAT ( £6.00 Ex VAT)

    VELCRO Tape

    Sew on & Self Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape Rolls by VELCRO®

    Quick & easy to use these industrial length rolls (25 metres per roll) of hook and loop tape by VELCRO ® can be easily cut to length with scissors.

    VELCRO brand fasteners provide an excellent alternative to traditional screws, nails or glue and provide many use's within the home, school or office.

    *Please note that the Hook and Loop sides are sold separately.

    VELCRO ®  and ONE-WRAP ® are registered trademarks of Velcro Industries B.V.

    Velcro Tape History

    Many people have wondered: Who invented VELCRO® Brand hook and loop? It began with a burdock burr, a tiny seed covered in hundreds of 'hooks' that naturally catch onto the microscopic loops that cover fur, hair and clothing. The burr was an unassuming marvel of nature and a minor headache for man, until one day in 1941 when the burdock burr, Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral, and his dog crossed paths on a hunting trip in the Alps. Seventy years on, that chance meeting has proven to be remarkably fruitful. Inspired by the burr, de Mestral created the world's first hook-and-loop fastener.  De Mestral originally envisioned VELCRO® Brand hook and loop as a fastener for clothing. Today it is being utilised across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to your garden shed to the military. While each VELCRO® Brand product is built for a specific task, the principal mechanics remain the same. Just think: the VELCRO® Brand solutions that keep your tablet device mounted to the wall are based on the same principles as the ones that NASA uses to keep their dinner plates from floating in zero gravity space.

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  2. velcro coins, self adhesive velcro dots / spots

    VELCRO ® Coins / Circles

    £15.42 Inc VAT ( £12.85 Ex VAT)

    Sticky Back Velcro Coins / Dots / Spots (PS14)

    Velcro Coins 13mm 

    Supplied 1,500 coins per roll, available in black or white

    Velcro Coins 22mm 

    Supplied 1,000 coins per roll, available in black or white

    *Please note Hook and Loop sides are sold separately.

    These self adhesive hook and loop coins are made by Velcro. They are quick and easy to apply and provide an excellent alternative to nails and screws. Ideal for hanging pictures, posters and much more. You will find these an essential part of your exhibition / display kit.



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  3. onewrap, velcro cable tie. Reusable, back to back self gripping hook and loop fastener

    Onewrap ® - VELCRO ® Brand Back to Back Fastener

    £11.79 Inc VAT ( £9.82 Ex VAT)

    One-Wrap ® by VELCRO

    Reusable, Self Gripping Hook and Loop Ties

     One-Wrap is a low profile hook and look fastener which grips to itself. Perfect for cable and wire management and bundling jobs. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors time and time again.

     How to use Velcro Onewrap

    VELCRO ®  One-Wrap ® User Instructions

    • : 1. Cut strap to desired length
    • 2. Wrap strap around item to be secured
    • 3. Fasten strap by positioning over itself
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