Structural Glazing Silicones & Sealants

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  1. sikasil sg 500 structural silicone cartridge next day

    Sikasil SG-500

    £55.07 Inc VAT ( £45.89 Ex VAT) As low as: £51.11

    Sikasil SG 500 Structural Glazing Silicone Next Day from Affixit

    Sikasil ® SG-500 a Two-Part, High Modulus, Neutral-Curing Structural Silicone Adhesive

     Sikasil® SG-500 is ideal for structural glazing, bonding of solar modules and other high demanding industrial applications. This world leading structural silicone is compatible with Norton Thermalbond V2100 Structural Glazing Spacer Tape. Suitable for professional experienced users only.

    Design tensile strength for dynamic loads: σdes = 0.14 MPa (ETA)
    With 300% elongation at break, it can accommodate high movements in the structural glazing modules

    Sika actively encourage pre-installation testing. Testing of your substrate & application for suitability & compatibility can be arranged directly through Affixit. These tests take a minimum of 28 working days. Successful tests can be provided with a warranty directly from Sika ®.

    Call 01440 765 515 To Discuss Your Application, Testing , Technical Calculations & Warranty

    Sikasil SG-500 Benefits sikasil sg 500 structural silicone distributor Affixit

    • Meets Requirements of EOTA ETAG 002, EN 13022, ASTM C 1184, 
    • SNJF-VEC / VI-VEC recognized 
    • Fire rated (EN 11925-2 / DIN 4102-B1)
    • Resistant to UV and weathering
    • Provided with CE-mark according to ETAG 002, DoP 01 27 03 01 003 9 001000 1024
    • Certified by Factory Production Control Body, 0757, certificate Nr. 0757-CPD596-04-001 R1e, 2009-05-25 

    Sikasil® SG-500 starts to cure immediately after mixing the two components. The speed of the reaction depends mainly on the temperature, with warmer conditions curing faster. 

    Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease and dust prior to application, these conditions can be achieved by using Sika Cleaner P

    • Application Temperature: -5°C to 40°C  battery operated sealant applicator for sika structural glazing silicones
    • Service Temperature: -40°C to 150°C
    • Snap Time: Approx 50 Minutes
    • Tack-Free Time: Approx 240 Minutes


    Call Our Technical Suport Team 01440 765 515 

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  2. Sikasil SG20 next day from Affixit

    Sikasil SG-20

    £10.98 Inc VAT ( £9.15 Ex VAT)

    Sikasil SG20 300ml Cartridge or 600ml Foils Next Day from Affixit

    One Part, High Strength (0.17 N/mm²) Netural Curing Structural Silicone Adhesive

    Sikasil ® SG-20 can be used for structural sealant glazing, bonding of solar modules and other high-demanding industrial bonding applications. 

    sikasil sg20 next day from Affixit. Structural glazing silicone adhesive

    Sikasil ® SG-20 is a neutral-curing silicone adhesive which combines mechanical strength with high elongation. It adheres excellent to a wide range of substrates widely used in structural glazing applications.

    • Application Temperature: -5°C to 40 °C
    • Service Temperature: -40°C to 150 °C

    Sika ® In-House Testing & Warranties

    Sika ®

    Sikasil ® SG-20 Benefits

    • Meets requirements of EOTA ETAG 002 (carries ETA), EN 13022, ASTM C 1184 sikasil sg20 cartridge next day
    • Fire rated (EN 11925-2 / DIN 4102-B1)
    • Outstanding UV and weathering resistance
    • Excellent bond strength to glass, metals, coated metals, plastics and wood
    • Structural silicone adhesive according to ETAG 002, DoP 61161179
    • certified by Factory Production Control Body 0757, certificate 0757-CPD-596-10-001 R1e
    • Provided with the CE-mark
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  3. sikasil ws605s high performance weather sealant next day from Affixit

    Sikasil WS-605 S High Performance Weather Sealant

    £10.27 Inc VAT ( £8.56 Ex VAT) As low as: £9.47

    Sikasil W S605 S High Performance Weather Sealant Next Day

    Outstanding Resistance to UV & Weathering sikasil ws605s weather sealant applicator next day from Affixit

    600 ml Foil

    Sikasil WS605S is a premium silicone sealant used for weather sealing applications where durability under severe conditions is required. WS-605 S is particularly well suited as a weather seal for structural glazing, curtain walling, facades and windows. e.g. for capping structural glazing joints, Marine sealing applications.

    WS-605 S has high movement capability + or - 50%

    Sikasil WS605S is a durable, neutral curing silicone sealant with excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates

    Sikasil WS-605-S ® adheres well to glass, metals, (including coated & painted metals), plastics and wood. 

    • Application Temperature: 5°C to 40 °C
    • Service Temperature: -40°C to 150 °C

    Sikasil WS-605-S Benefitsws605s sikasil weather sealant next day from affixit

    •  Meets requirements of ISO 11600 25 LM F & G
    • ASTM C 920 (class 50)
    • ASTM C 1248
    • TT-S00230C
    • TT-S001543A
    • DIN 18540
    • DIN 18545 (group E)
    • Outstanding UV and weathering resistance -
    • Does not stain areas adjacent to the joint
    • Adheres well to glass, metals, coated / painted metals, plastics and wood

    Provided with CE-mark according to;

    • EN 15651-1:2012
    • F EXT-INT CC 25LM
    • (F EXT-INT 25LM for transparent)
    • EN 15651-2:2012
    • G CC 25LM
    • Certified by Control Body 1119

    Sika ® In-House Testing & Warranties

    Sika actively encourage pre-installation testing. Testing of your substrate & application for suitability & compatibility can be arranged directly through Affixit. These tests take a minimum of 28 working days. Successful tests can be provided with a warranty directly from Sika ®

    Arrange Your Compatibility Testing Today by Calling our Technical Team on 01440 765 515

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  4. sika akitvator 100 and sika aktivator 205 next day from affixit

    Sika Aktivator

    £15.59 Inc VAT ( £12.99 Ex VAT)

    Sika Activator 100 | Sika Aktivator 205

    Sika Aktivator in 250ml & 1000ml Bottles Next Day From Affixit

    Sika Aktivator 100 sika aktivator next day from affixit

    Sika Activator 100 is a solvent-based colorless adhesion promoter, which reacts with moisture and deposits active groups on the substrate. These groups act as a link between substrates and primers or sealants/adhesives. Sika Aktivator-100 is specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces prior to application of Sika’s 1-component Polyurethanes

    Sika Aktivator 205

    sika akitvator 205Sika Akitvator 205 is a special adhesion promoting solution for the pretreatment of bonding surfaces prior to bonding or sealing with Sikaflex® products. Sika® Aktivator 205 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 / 14001 quality assurance system and the Responsible Care Program.

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  5. Sika Cleaner P solvent based cleaner next day from Affixit

    Sika Cleaner P

    £38.98 Inc VAT ( £32.48 Ex VAT) As low as: £37.03

    Sika Cleaner P Next Day from Affixit sika cleaner p solvent cleaner Affixit

    Solvent Based Cleaning Agent for Non-Porous Substrates

    Sika® Cleaner P is used to remove foreign matter and contaminants such as grease, oil, dust and dirt from the surface. Possible surfaces are glass, plastics, metals, polyester powder-coated metals and PVDF-coated metals prior to the application of sealants and adhesives. It must only be used on non-porous substrates. This product is suitable for experienced professional users only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.  

    Sika Cleaner P Benefits

    • Superior Degreasing Properties
    • Quick & Easy to Use

    Sika Cleaner P Application

    • Wet the lint free paper towel by pouring Sika® Cleaner P onto it. Never dip the towel into the cleaner as it may contaminate it.
    • Wipe the surface with the wetted paper towel. Use fresh paper towels regularly in order to retain the cleansing power.
    • Before the solvent dries on the surface (evaporates), wipe it off with a clean, dry paper towel.
    • Repeat the last two steps until no contaminants show up on a white paper towel.
    • If cleaned parts are not bonded subsequently, cover them in order to prevent new contamination.
    • If the time between cleaning and further processing is more than two hours, repeat the treatment as described above.
    • Ideal application and surface temperature is between 15 °C and 25 °C.
    • Use only clean, white, lint-free paper towels.
    • Tightly reseal container immediately after each use.

    Safe Use of Cleaner P

    • Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources - No smoking.
    • Keep container tightly closed. Safety Gloves MUST be worn when using Sika Cleaner P
    • Avoid breathing dust/ fume/ gas/ mist/ vapours/ spray.
    • Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection. 
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  6. pneumatic sealant gun

    Pneumatic Sealant Gun

    £559.99 Inc VAT ( £466.66 Ex VAT) As low as: £459.99

    Pneumatic Sealant Gun 

     DP 400-100-10 Pneumatic Sealant Gun 400ml

    The Sulzer Mixpac DP 400 400ml pneumatic cartridge offers large capacity and lightweight design for consistent and precise metering with the added benefit of air pressure assistance. The DP 400 cartridge gun was built with an aluminum alloy housing and wear resistant mechanisms to the highest quality standards. User safety was built into the design of the DP 400 pneumatic glue gun with an integrated pressure relief valve and safety switch which does not allow thrust if there is no cartridge loaded. This cartridge glue gun works with most standard 400ml cartridges including the C Series and F Series from Sulzer.

    • 10:1 6 bar, actuator Ø 100, C F Mixing 10:1 Ratio
    • Perfectly sealed interface between The mixer and cartridge
    • Safe and clean working
    • No cross-mixing
    • Little user effort required
    • Fatigue-free working


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  7. Battery Sealant Gun for Medium and High Viscosity 2 Component Compounds (suitable for Sika SG500 and Sika SG550)

    Battery Sealant Gun

    £839.00 Inc VAT ( £699.17 Ex VAT) As low as: £759.00

    400ml 2 Component Battery Sealant Gun

    Electraflow VBE 400 MR 400ml Battery Dispenser for Sealants

    Precision Dispensing for Sika SG500 & SG500 as well as other Medium and High Viscosity Compounds Mixed at 10:1

    Includes 1x Battery & 1 x Charger - 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

    Battery Sealant Gun Technical Data

    • Weight: 3.8kg / 8.3lbs
    • Frame Length: 203mm / 8.0in
    • Maximum Thrust: 5kN
    • Voltage: 18V Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah
    • Battery Charge Time: 2.0Ah 35min / 4.0Ah 45min
    • Battery Type: Li-ion Handle
    • Material: PC/ABS
    • Frame Material: Steel/ Aluminum
    • Tool Component Approvals: CE, REACH, RoHS
    • Cartridge Capacity: 400mL (14oz)
    • Cartridge Ratio: 10:1
    • Viscosity: Medium/High (Sika SG500 & Skia SG550 Compatible)
    • Standard Color: Black/Grey
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