Reflective Tape

Self Adhesive Reflective Tapes for Every Application & Budget

Standard widths include 25mm, 50mm & 100mm - Other Sizes Made to Order.

Reduce accidents by improving visibility with our self adhesive reflectives tapes. Offered in Engineering Grade, Retro Reflective Class 2 Reflective Tape as well as ECE104 Conspicuity tape suitable of HGV's, vehicles and bollards.

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  1. Visiflex Fluorescent Emergency Vehicle Reflective Tape

    Reflective Tape (Chapter 8)

    £36.99 Inc VAT ( £30.82 Ex VAT)

    Fluorescent Tape - Yellow / Green (LIME)

    Reflective Conspicuity Tape (Chapter 8) for Emergency Vehicles, Lorries & Bikes

    • Edge Sealing Not Required
    • Single Layer Construction - No Edge Sealing Required
    • Flexible & Removable Fluorescent Tape
    • Digitally Printable

    This Chapter 8 Reflective Tape provides outstanding reflectivity for emergency vehicles and any maintenance or utility vehicle requiring superior high visibility markings or safety markings.

    Brilliantly Bright Day & Night - Up to x 8 Brighter than Many Beaded Sheetings!

    With 5 years durability (7 years for non-fluorsecent colours) this reflective micro prismatic vinyl provides exceptionally bright and vivid reflectivity night and day and is perfectly suited for safety and emergency vehicle graphics.

    It is a very flexible tape and conforms easily around simple curves.  Your fleet, emergency vehicles, and signage will consistently remain bright both day and night. Other colours and sizes available on request.

    Chapter 8 Tape Reflectivity chart.

    Custom Sizes & Shapes Available - Call for Prices (01440 765515)

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  2. Reflective Tape (Class 2)

    Reflective Tape (Class 2)

    £26.99 Inc VAT ( £22.49 Ex VAT)

    Reflective Tape (Class RA2) High Intensity

    Self Adhesive HIP Reflective Tape 

    This self adhesive reflective safety tape vinyl is used for road signs and safety markings including bollards.

    This high intensity, class 2 reflective tape complies with the following international standards;

    • EN12899-1 (European Regulation) 
    • DIN 67520 & DIN 6171 (Germany)
    • BS873:part 6 (Great Britain) 
    • NFP 98-520 (France)
    • SN 640878 (Switzerland) 
    • ASTM D4956 (US)
    • JIS Z 9117 (Japan)

    High Intensity Microprismatic (HIP) Retroreflective Film for permanent and temporary traffic signage, is a high-quality, durable, microprismatic retroreflective material with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

    Its unique microprismatic construction provides a high level of retroreflectivity for demanding traffic control situations. T-6000 & W-6000 Series sheeting is an Omni-Directional microprismatic film that incorporates tiles of microprisms arranged in multiple orientations. This feature – “Smart at Every Angle” benefits agencies by providing confidence that all signs will perform with uniform visual reflectivity at all sign face orientations.

    High Level of Retroreflectivity for Demanding Traffic Control Situations


    •  Omni-Directional
    • High Intensity Microprismatic Retroreflective Performance
    • Field proven long term durability on safety devices worldwide
    • Uniform daytime and nighttime visual appearance 



    Screen Printing, Thermal Transfer Printing, Eco Solvent Inkjet Printing, Thermal Die-Cut, Flat Bed Sign-Cut, Drum Roller Sign-Cut, Steel Rule Sign-Cut.

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  3. Reflective Tape (Engineering Grade)

    Reflective Tape (Engineering Grade)

    £8.59 Inc VAT ( £7.16 Ex VAT)

    Reflective Tape for Less Demanding Applications

    • Material: Engineering Grade Reflective Tape (3 Years)
    • Adhesive: High Tack Permanent Adhesive Suitable for Internal & External Use
    • Colours Available: Silver / Red / Yellow
    • Service Temperature: -50°C to 82°C

    Economy Grade Reflective Tape

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  4. ECE104 Conspicuity Reflective Tape

    ECE104 Conspicuity Reflective Tape

    £54.99 Inc VAT ( £45.82 Ex VAT)

    Conspicuity Tape Approved to ECE 104 Class C

    • Exceptional Long Distance Night Time Visibility
    • Resistant to Power Washing
    • No Edge Sealing Required
    • Easy to Cut
    • Durability: 3 Years

    Size: 50mm x 10M
    Material: High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Tape
    Adhesive: High Tack Permanent Adhesive Suitable for Internal & External Use
    Colours Available: Silver, Red, Yellow

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Reflective Tape

Minimal Price: £ 7.16 7.16

Reflective Tapes from Affixit 
Reflective Tapes from Affixit

Reflective safety tape reflects light that is shined on or towards it.

Safety reflective tape is constructed using the technology combination of tiny glass beads, prisms, and metals to create a highly reflective surface within the tape.

  • Engineering Grade - For Less Critical Applications 
  • Class 2 - High Way Sinage, Bollards etc
  • ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape - for Lorries & HGV's
  • 8 Tapes - For Emergency Vehicle Fleets