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Masking Tapes for Every Budget

There are many different masking tapes available, the masking tapes we offer are best suited to professionals or DIY enthusiast who are looking to achieve exceptional results.

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  1. tesa® 4323 Paper Masking Tape

    tesa® 4323 Paper Masking Tape

    £1.18 Inc VAT ( £0.98 Ex VAT)

    tesa® 4323 is a general purpose masking tape. It features a clean peel natural rubber adhesive system which can be left for upto 3 days. This is a great all round masking tape for professional decorators or DIY enthusiasts who appreciate a perfect finish.

    This tape is suitable for general purpose applications including masking, holding, sealing, fixing, light duty packaging.

    Download our technical Data Sheet here;

    tesa® 4323 Paper Masking Tape Technical Data Sheet

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  2. Low Tack Masking Tape

    Low Tack Masking Tape

    £0.99 Inc VAT ( £0.82 Ex VAT)

    Low Tack Masking Tape

    A general purpose masking tape with a hot melt rubber adhesive. Used in a wide variety of non-critical DIY, painting and packaging applications where no temperature resistance is required.

    Technical Data

    Backing : Crepe Paper
    Adhesive : Hot Melt (Solvent Free)
    Thickness  : 85 ± 15 µm                  
    Tensile Strength MD   : 80 ± 15 N/25mm
    Elongation at Break MD   : 8 ± %
    Peel Adhesion  : Over 7 N/25mm
    Rolling Ball Tack  : Under 20cm
    Shelf Life  : 12 Months

    One sample of the subject tape was tested for chloride content by XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence).Test results were as follows    : Chloride ppm (parts per million)     * Not detected *

    The above information is given in good faith and for guidance only. The user shall be responsible for determining that the performance of the product is sufficient for his application. The quoted values are based on averages and should not be taken as maximum or minimum values for specific purposes.

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  3. Blue Masking Tape

    Blue Masking Tape

    £2.36 Inc VAT ( £1.97 Ex VAT)

    Blue Masking Tape

    14 Day Blue Masking Tape

    A high quality blue creped paper masking tape used by professional painters. 14 Day Blue Masking Tape

    The special adhesive provides clean removability from a wide variety of surfaces and can be left in place for up to 14 days!

    This masking tape has excellent resistance to UV and can perform in temperatures up to 80°C.

    This is an excellent masking tape for demanding paint applications

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  4. Masking Tape (Black)

    Masking Tape (Black)

    £5.99 Inc VAT ( £5.99 Ex VAT) As low as: £4.79

    Black Masking Tape

    A professional grade, black creped paper masking tape with a rubber resin adhesive.

    Suitable for contrast masking, temporary harness wrapping, bag sealing, edging & light weight packaging applications. It is also used for photographic masking applications to seal against light.

    This masking tape offers conformability & holding power and can easily be removed even after long periods.

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  5. Decorating Tape

    Decorating Tape

    £4.99 Inc VAT ( £4.16 Ex VAT)

    This wonderful masking tape is an absolute must if you are looking to create crisp, sharp lines on delicate surfaces.

    It peels away cleanly and easily from most surfaces even after being left in-situ for long durations.

    This tape is a must for painters, decorators and DIY enthusiasts 


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Masking Tape

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Masking Tapes for Professional Painters, Decorators & DIY Enthusiasts

Our masking tapes will provide straight edeges and the perfect finish every time.

Offering cheap & cheerful general purpose options, profesisonal decorators tapes and of course the 14 Day Blue Masking Tape

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