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  1. anti hot spot tape for polythene covers self adhesive foam tape rolls

    Anti Hot Spot Tape

    £2.99 Inc VAT ( £2.49 Ex VAT)
    • Size:19mm x 3.3mm x 9 Metres
    • Material:Closed Cell, Medium Density Foam with fixed Polyester Liner on Non-adhesive Face
    • Adhesive: High Tack, Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive anti hot spot tape - self adhesive foam tape
    • Colours Available:White
    • Service Temperature:-30°C to 80°C

    Anti Hot Spot Tape for Protection of Polythene Covers

    Anti Hot Spot Tape to creates a protective layer between the metal hoop framework and the poly tunnel polythene cover.

    Anti Hot Spot Tape is a self-adhesive white foam tape developed for poly tunnel assembly on ongoing longevity. Simply peel back the liner and adhere it to the top surface of the hoop before to putting the cover on. 

    Anti Hot Spot Tape Prevents Heat Transfer & Build Up Prolonging The Life of Your Polythene Cover

     anti hot spot tape - self adhesive foam tape


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  2. Double Sided Foam Tape PE

    Double Sided Foam Tape

    £7.29 Inc VAT ( £6.07 Ex VAT)
    Double coated foam tape with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides provides a reliable bond to a wide variety of surfaces. Standard roll sizes are kept in stock at all times. We can also provide custom sized rolls the same day. Please call 01440 765 515 for custom sized foam tape pricing. Learn More
  3. Draught Excluder Tape

    Draught Excluder Tape

    £2.49 Inc VAT ( £2.07 Ex VAT)

    Draught Excluder Tape - 12 Metre Rolls

    • Window Frames
    • Door Frames
    • Letterboxes
    • Door Thresholds

    Affixit Draught Excluder Tape is a high performance self adhesive foam tape which is very soft. It compresses easily and will help seal expensive draughts around the home.

    Draught Excluder Tape - Custom Size

    Affixit Druaght Exclduer Tape is 5mm Thick with 12 Metres per Roll. Standard sizes are 8mm & 20mm widths.

    We can make custom sized rolls (subject to bespoke conversion fees). We can also make custom sized rolls and provide retail ready packaging subject to MOQ's.

    Please call 01440 765 515 for further information


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  4. Intumescent Foam Tape Norseal FS1000

    Intumescent Foam Tape Norseal FS1000

    £21.50 Inc VAT ( £17.92 Ex VAT)

    Intumescent Foam Tape :  Norseal FS1000

    Intumescent | Airtight | Watertight | Thermally Insulating 

    Conformable | Compressible | Resilient 

    Vibration Dampening

    NORSEAL® FS1000 is a high performance single sided foam tape from Saint Gobain. It has been designed to provide a unique combination of properties in one simple solution. Traditionally these functionalities would have been serviced by separate components. FS1000 provides a complete sealing solution in one product / process.


    • Norseal Fs1000 air tight intumescent foamNoreseal FS1000 Foam Tape provides a 1000 pa air tight seal when compressed by 30%
    • intumescent water sealWhen heated to 200ºC Norseal FS1000 will expand up to 3 times it's original thickness to create a fire-resistant char which blocks fire, smoke & hot gasses
    • water tight sealing foam which acts as an intumescent sealNorseal FS1000 will provide a water tight seal when compressed by 30%
    • foam tape for thermal insulation Provides thermal insulation 
    • compressible foam sealing tape Norseal Fs1000 Compressible & Resilient. It compresses easily and comes back to it's original thickness after compression.
    • Soft and Conformable Soft, conformable foam tape for uneven surfaces. Norseal FS1000 is a soft foam tape that easily conforms to uneven surfaces

    Norseal FS1000 is easy to install. It is available in various thicknesses ranging from 4.5mm up to 13mm and can be supplied on a roll, sheet or custom made gasket. It is environmentally friendly, contains no halogen compounds, and there are no concerns of toxic gas emissions when it is heated. The material does not disperse during installation making it safe for workers and other people nearby.

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  5. Joist Tape

    Joist Tape

    £22.49 Inc VAT ( £18.74 Ex VAT)

    Joist Tape Technical Data 

    Technical Data

    Flame Spread Classification 15 (Class I) ASTM E-84/UL723 Joist tape rolls

    Smoke Developed Classification 10 (Class I) ASTM E-84/UL723

    Oxidation Resistance Passed (300 psi at 158°F during 96 h) *APA

    Air Permeability @ 30% compression 0 (impermeable) *NTP-122

    Thermal Conductivity (BTU (.in)/Sq. Ft. (hr.) F) .28 ASTM C-518

    Recommended Service Temperature -20°F to 160°F (-29°C to 71°C)

    Recommended Application Temperature 40°F to 125°F (4°C to 52°C)

    Max Impact Noise Reduction -10 dB @ 1250 Hz ASTM E-989

    Max Airborne Sound Reduction (through floors) -19 dB @125 Hz ASTM E-90

    Max Airborne Sound Reduction (through walls) -19 dB @ 500 Hz ASTM E-90

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  6. Mirror Mounting Tape Double sided Mirror Mounting Foam Tape

    Mirror Mounting Tape

    £6.50 Inc VAT ( £5.42 Ex VAT)

    FIRA Approved Mirror Mounting Foam Tape Norfix ® V1500

    White Double Sided Foam Tape which is Fully Approved by the FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) for BS7449 Mirror Mounting.

    available in standard width rolls, custom rolls and custom shapes / gaskets.

    Mirror Mounting Foam Tape - Quick & Easy to Install

    Suitable for domestic and industrial use.

    Multi Purpose PE foam mounting tape, with high shear rubber adhesive High tack, high shear rubber adhesive tape offering excellent adhesion performance. The product has been designed for internal applications or where the bond is not exposed to severe UV radiation. Norbond® V1500 has been tested to BS7449 1991 & FIRA standard 31; further literature is available to indicate recommended tape coverage. mirror mounting tape saint gobain v1500

    The foam is a high quality Polyolefin with excellent dimensional tolerances and good elongation, with a high degree of colour stability and excellent key to the adhesive surface. The thickness and density range has been chosen to offer a conformable product for uneven, irregular or contoured materials.

    High Tack Solvent Based Rubber Adhesive


    The rubber adhesive has very high cohesive strength which produces very high bond strengths and very high load bearing capacity. The solvent based rubber adhesive has good tack and peel peformance and in particular a high affinity for low energy surfaces such as PE.

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  7. v2800 High Performance PU Foam Tape

    Normount V2800 OEM Foam Tape

    £34.99 Inc VAT ( £29.16 Ex VAT)

    Automotive OEM Tape

    The Ultimate Foam Tape for Demanding Applications

    • Material: Conformable, Closed Cell Polyurethane
    • Adhesive: Very High Tack Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive (Double Sided)
    • Colours : Black
    • Service Temperature:-40°C to 93°C

    Exceptional Bond Strength & Stress Distribution

    Automotive OEM Specified Normount® V2800 provides a seriously strong bond for the demanding applications. 

    Energy Dissipating Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam Mounting Tape with High Performance Acrylic Adhesive on both sides

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  8. Security Glazing Tape

    Security Glazing Tape

    £3.65 Inc VAT ( £3.04 Ex VAT)
    • Material: Closed Cell High Performance PVC Security Glazing Tape
    • Adhesive: Double Sided UV Resistant Acrylic Adhesive for Permanent Fixing
    • Colours Available: Black
    • Service Temperature: -40°C to 70°C (Application Temperature 10°C to 40°C)

    Security Glazing Tape - Professional Grade

    • Tested to BS7412 clause 8 with window systems
    • High Performance Tape

    This is a medium hard and resilient double‐sided, closed cell, PVC foam bonding tape. An acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is coated on both sides, and the product has a white paper release liner. The material can be supplied with a film liner (BH) facilitating automatic application.

    Prevent the Unexpected Removal of Glass from Externally Glazed Units with Affixit Security Glazing Tape.

    • Bonds to Timber, Glass & Plastics
    • Provides Protection from Draughts
    • Provides a Water Seal (when compressed by 30%)
    • U.V. Resistant
    • High Performance, Fully Approved Foam Tape.

    BS 7412 specifies requirements for the design, fabrication and performance of windows and glazed doorsets made from PVC-U extruded hollow profiles. It applies to windows and doorsets manufactured from PVC-U hollow profiles incorporating fusion welded corner joints.

    BS 7412 applies to windows and doors fabricated into frames in a factory, to be installed vertically (within 15°) into the external face of buildings, as single or multi-light units, in coupled assemblies when appropriate, of the following types:

    1. Windows:

    • a. Hinged: side-hung (open in or out), top-hung (open out), bottom-hung (open in), tilt and turn or turn before tilt;
    • b. Projecting: side-hung (open in or open out) and top-hung (open out or reversible);
    • c. Pivoted: horizontal and vertical (hung centrally or off-centre)including reversible;
    • d. Sliding: horizontal and vertical; Security glazing tape
    • e. Side-hung: fully reversible; 
    • f. Fixed light;

    2. Doors:

    • a. Single leaf single-swing doors with or without side lights and top panels;
    • b. Double leaf single-swing doors with or without side lights and top panels. It is applicable to assemblies in which any frame member is not longer than 3 m. It does not apply to curtain walls that span across horizontal structural members of floors but is applicable to windows within a curtain walling system.
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  9. Single Sided Foam Tape

    Single Sided Foam Tape

    £6.29 Inc VAT ( £5.24 Ex VAT)

    Single Sided Foam Tape, Medium Density, Closed Cell & Open Cell PVC Foam Tape

    Sealing (air, dust, water & draughts), Cushioning, Insulating & Noise Dampening

    Quick & Easy to Use Multi-functional Foam Tape. Available in rolls, sheets & custom made gaskets. Suitable for internal & external use. 

    Closed Cell Foam Tape - Black & Grey - Open Cell Foam Tape - White

    Service Temperature:-30°C to 70°C.

    Minimum of 30% Compression Required for Water Sealing Uses.

    single sided foam tape for air sealing single sided foam tape for water sealingfoam tape for cushioning

    Single sided foam tapes provide a wide variety of solutions. You can use single sided foam tape to create a seal, cushion, insulate and also for noise dampening purposes.

    Single Sided Foam Tape Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive 

    All of our standard single sided foam tapes feature a high performance acrylic adhesive on one side, by using this particular adhesive you have the freedom to use our single sided foam tapes in both internal and external applications.

    As you would expect, the adhesive system is designed to bond permanently so we wouldn't recommend them for temporary use. If you are wanting to use these tapes to create a seal please remember that an element of compression will be required, if you are wanting to achieve a water seal using this particular single sided black foam tape then you will need a compression rate of 30%.

    Single Sided Foam Tape
    4 stars - "Quick Delievery - Good Quality Tape." Arrived next day, adhesive is strong - that a custom made tape culd arrive in under 24 hours - Thanks.


    Our standard single foam tapes are available in 9 different thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm up to 15mm.

    You are able to buy standard roll widths on-line right away. If you need a width that is non-standard then simply click here or call us on 01440 765 515 where we will be able to provide you with a bespoke quotation.

    All our adhesive tapes are converted in-house which means we can provide bespoke rolls and gaskets within a matter of days. You can expect delivery of standard size rolls the next working day providing you place your order on-line before 2pm.

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  10. Thermalbond v2100 structural glazing spacer

    Thermalbond V2100 Structural Glazing Spacer Tape (Norton Tape)

    £11.19 Inc VAT ( £9.32 Ex VAT)

    Trusted, Proven and Specified for over 35 Years

    THERMALBOND ® V2100 (Norton Tape) 

    High Strength Polyurethane Foam Spacer Tape for Structural Glazing and Cladding.

    Thermalbond is the ideal spacer tape for field glazing. Trusted by architects & specifiers and used in 1000's of curtain wall applications around the world for over 45 years.

    • Open cell polyurethane foam structure allows moisture to reach the silicone ensuring a complete reaction with one part silicones
    • High density rigid foam core exhibits excellent load bearing capabilities for large units.
    • PU foam is compatible with all tested silicones, fully approved by silicone manufacturers
    •  Low thermal conductivity foam ensures there is no heat loss which inhibits condensation and provides a stable environment for metal frame units
    •  Strong initial bond enables early handling of assembled units
    • Heavy Duty filimic release liner aids ease and speed of application
    • All thicknesses stocked from 3.2mm up to 12.5mm ensuring we are able to satisfy any required silicone thickness

    thermalbond v2100 structural glazing tape, international commerce towerthermalbond V2100 Tapethermalbond V2100 used in the Bitexo tower


    sted by architects & specifiers and used in 1000's of curtain wall applications around the world for over 45 years.

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Foam Tape

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