Expanding Foam Tape

BBA Approved Expanding Foam Tape Next Day

Expanding Foam Tape

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EXP6 Pre-compressed Impregnated Polyurethane Foam Tape

EXP6 is a soft and flexible foam sealant tape supplied on a roll. It is used predominately as a weatherseal to prevent water ingress, retain heat and also offers acoustic properties. It accommodates joint movement & remains permanently elastic. When suitably compressed EXP6 will provide a 600 Pa wind driven rain weather seal.

Also known as Joint Sealant, Joint Expansion Tape and Gap Sealant Tape. 

EXP 6 Sizes Explained

Unless you have worked with our EXP6 or Compriband before you may find the sizing a little confusing, hopefully this will help explain, in this example we have used the size 20/6-15 x 4.3M;

The first number (20) refers to the width of the tape.

The next set of numbers (6-15) lets you know the size of the joint/gap EXP 6 will provide a weatherseal for.

The last numbers (4.3) simply let you know how many metres are on a roll.

EXP 6 will expand further than the size it weatherproofs (because it needs to be compressed to achieve a weather seal) Occasionally you may need to use EXP 6 to fill a gap for aesthetic purposes and do not require it to perform as a weather seal