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  1. EPDM Membrane

    EPDM Membrane

    £8.56 Inc VAT ( £7.13 Ex VAT)

    EPDM Membrane

    Durable EPDM Membrane for Roofing, Waterproofing & Sealing 

    Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM, is a synthetic rubber. It is extremely durable and used across a wide range of applications. EPDM is weather & heat resistant. It's two main ingredients are derived from natural gas and oil, making it an ideal flat roofing material.

     EPDM Membrane for roofing

    Typically used for weather sealing the exterior side of the connecting joint between a window or facade construction and an adjacent structure (e.g. wall, panel, steel frame), or to provide an internal airtight barrier.



    • Providing Waterproof and Airtight Flexible Seals 
    • Flat Roofs
    • Shallow Pitched Roofs
    • Sealing and Waterproofing Construction Gaps in Building Facades
    • Controlling Vapour Diffusion
    • Preventing Interstitial Condensation


    Custom Sizes Available - Call for Price (01440 765515)

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  2. EPDM Membrane Adhesive

    EPDM Adhesive

    £6.89 Inc VAT ( £5.74 Ex VAT) As low as: £5.99

    EPDM Membrane Adhesive

    High Tack, Polymer Based High Viscosity EPDM Adhesive With Low Solvent Content. 

    Adheres EPDM & Butyl Membranes to Hard PVC, Aluminium, Steel, Galvanised Steel, Acrylic Glass, Concrete, Light Weight Concrete, Lead, Wood & Bitumen

    This paste adhesive allows the position of the strip to be adjusted.

    Application Instructions:

    • Paste Adhesive 3300 is applied on substrate with standard type of hand or electric gun or putty spade.
    • Apply the paste in 2-3 beads to the substrate.
    • Wait a couple of minutes before fixing the membrane into the paste.
    • Spread the paste or apply the EPDM membrane directly over the beads so that a 1 mm thick layer of adhesive is covering a width of approx 100 mm.
    • Apply pressure using a silicone or steel roller.
    • When adhering vertically the paste shall be applied and pressed until a 1 mm bead is visible outside the membrane edge, to seal the splice.
    • Make sure that the strip is applied without building in tension and stress to the splice.
    • Seams between strips must have a minimum overlap of 100 mm, bonded together with paste adhesive.
    • The paste shall be applied and pressed until a 1 mm bead is visible outside the membrane edge, to seal the splice.
    • Note: Paste adhesivemust not be applied in temperatures below 5°C.
    • Warning: Paste Adhesive is flammable. Avoid open flames.
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  3. Foil Sausage Applicator for EPDM Adhesive

    Foil Sausage Applicator for EPDM Adhesive

    £21.59 Inc VAT ( £17.99 Ex VAT)

    Foil Sausage Applicator for EPDM Adhesive, sealants, mastics, silicones & caulks

    Adheisve Applicator / Gun - suitable for 600ml Foils

    This quick and easy to use adhesive applicator provides precise application of 600ml adhesive foils. It is designed to be used with sausage silicon packs, but is also suitable for use with standard cartridges

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  4. Steel  Seam Roller

    Steel Seam Roller

    £41.99 Inc VAT ( £34.99 Ex VAT)

    Heavy Duty, Hand Held, Steel Seam Roller

    For Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes, Adhesives & EPDM Seams

    This heavy duty steel roller will help ensure you acheive maximum contact between your substrate & adhesive to create a professional finish. Perfect for installing PSA Tapes & wet glues such a s our EPDM membrane adhesive.

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EPDM Membrane

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