Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tapes for Industrial and Domestic Use

Pressure Sensitive Tapes from Tesa, 3M, Scapa, Norton & Lynvale

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  1. Banner Hemming Tape

    Banner Hemming Tape

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Special Price £9.99 Inc VAT ( £8.32 Ex VAT)

    High Tack, Double Sided, Adhesive Tape.

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  2. High Performance Double Sided Tape

    High Performance Double Sided Tape

    £1.99 Inc VAT ( £1.66 Ex VAT)

    High Performance Double Sided Tape

    This heavy duty double sided tape is clear with a red MOPP liner. It has a very high tack cross linked solvent adhesive which is pressure sensitive. Suitable for both internal and external applications, it has excellent resistance to temperature (-20°C to 120°C) & U.V. making it ideal for long term, external bonding applications.

    We offer this tape on our next day service in standard rolls. We can also supply this tape in sheets and custom made adhesive tape gaskets.

    This industrial tape is supplied into a many different industries including POS (Point of Sale) signage, card, crafts, rubber and plastic extrusions, decorative trims & industrial bonding. 

    High Performance Double Sided Tape for Demanding Applications

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  3. tesa 4965

    tesa 4965

    £6.80 Inc VAT ( £5.67 Ex VAT)

    tesa 4965 Transparent Double Sided Tape

    tesa ® 4965 is a very strong double sided tape suited to demanding applications. It that has a modified acrylic adhesive that has a very high temperature range. The PET backing plastic is strong and performs very well in automated applications (it is not hand tearable).

    tesa 4965 Featurestesa 4965

    • Reliable bond even to LSE substrates  (low surface energy)
    • Immediate usability right after assembly
    • Suitability for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperatures or critical substrates

    tesa 4965 Applications

    • Mounting of ABS plastic parts in the car industry
    • Self-adhesive mounting of rubber/EPDM profiles
    • Mounting of decorative profiles and moldings in the furniture industry
    • Mounting of battery packs, lenses and touch-screens in electronic devices

     Technical Properties

    Backing Material PET film Color transparent Total thickness 205 µm

    Type of adhesive tackified acrylic Elongation at break 50 % Tensile strength 20 N/cm

    Adhesion Properties

    Adhesion to ABS (after 14 days) 12 N/cm Adhesion to ABS (initial) 10.3 N/cm

    Adhesion to Aluminium (after 14 days) 10.6 N/cm Adhesion to Aluminium (initial) 9.2 N/cm

    Adhesion to PC (after 14 days) 14 N/cm Adhesion to PC (initial) 12.6 N/cm

    Adhesion to PE (after 14 days) 6.9 N/cm Adhesion to PE (initial) 5.8 N/cm

    Adhesion to PET (after 14 days) 9.5 N/cm Adhesion to PET (initial) 9.2 N/cm

    Adhesion to PP (after 14 days) 7.9 N/cm Adhesion to PP (initial) 6.8 N/cm

    Adhesion to PS (after 14 days) 12 N/cm Adhesion to PS (initial) 10.6 N/cm

    Adhesion to PVC (after 14 days) 13 N/cm Adhesion to PVC (initial) 8.7 N/cm

    Adhesion to Steel (after 14 days) 11.8 N/cm Adhesion to Steel (initial) 11.5 N/cm

    Rating Properties

    Temperature resistance short term 200 °C Temperature resistance long term 100 °C

    Tack + Ageing resistance (UV) ++ Humidity resistance ++

    Resistance to chemicals + Softener resistance +

    Static shear resistance at 23°C + Static shear resistance at 40°C +

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  4. Tesa 4970

    Tesa 4970

    £8.88 Inc VAT ( £7.40 Ex VAT)

    tesa® 4970 

    Thick, White, Double Sided Tape

    PVC Film Backing, Tackified Acrylic Adhesive

    Excellent combination of high tack and immediate adhesion. High coating weight for good bonding performance on rough or dusty surfaces. Suitable for long term applications

    tesa® 4970 Applications

    • Mounting of plastic and wooden trims

    • Mounting of decorative POS materials and displays

    • Mounting of signs and scales

    Technical Data

    Backing Material: PVC film 

    Colour: White 

    Total Thickness: 225 µm

    Adhesive: Tackified Acrylic

    Elongation at Break: 20 % 

    Tensile Strength: 38 N/cm

    Type of Liner: Glassine 

    Colour of Liner: Brown 

    Thickness of Liner: 71 µm 

    Weight of Liner 82 g/m²

    Temperature Resistance: Short term 70 °C  Long term 60 °C

    Tack + Ageing resistance (UV) ++ Humidity resistance ++ Resistance to chemicals +

    Softener resistance + Static shear resistance at 23°C + Static shear resistance at 40°C o

    tesa ® 4970 Adhesion to;

    • ABS (after 14 days) 14.4 N/cm ABS (initial) 13.4 N/cm
    • Aluminium (after 14 days) 12.6 N/cm Aluminium (initial) 11.5 N/cm
    • PC (after 14 days) 16.9 N/cm PC (initial) 16.2 N/cm
    • PE (after 14 days) 9.1 N/cm PE (initial) 8.5 N/cm
    • PET (after 14 days) 11.9 N/cm PET (initial) 11.5 N/cm
    • PP (after 14 days) 10.8 N/cm PP (initial) 9.7 N/cm
    • PS (after 14 days) 15.2 N/cm PS (initial) 14.7 N/cm
    • PVC (after 14 days) 16.6 N/cm PVC (initial) 12.4 N/cm
    • Steel (after 14 days) 13.6 N/cm Steel (initial) 13 N/cm
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  5. Tesa 51571

    Tesa 51571

    £2.24 Inc VAT ( £1.87 Ex VAT)

    Permanent Mounting of Plastics & Metals

    tesa ® 51571 Features

    tesa 51571 is a double-sided tape with a non-woven backing. It is used for permanent mounting of metal and plastic materials, e.g. aluminium, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS. The very thick layer of adhesive bonds extremely well on uneven surfaces and has a very high initial bond.

    tesa ® 51571 Applications

    • Mounting of evaporator plates in the production of refrigerators

    tesa® 51571 Technical Data

    • Backing material non-woven
    • Colour translucent
    • Total thickness 160 µm
    • Type of adhesive synthetic rubber
    • Elongation at break 2.5 % Tensile strength 5 N/cm
    • Type of liner glassine
    • Colour of liner brown
    • Thickness of liner 70 µm
    • Weight of liner 78 g/m

    tesa® 51571 Adhesion to;

    • ABS (initial) 11.8 N/cm
    • Aluminium (initial) 13 N/cm
    • PC (initial) 13.4 N/cm
    • PE (after 14 days) 8.5 N/cm PE (initial) 8 N/cm
    • PET (initial) 10.6 N/cm
    • PP (after 14 days) 9 N/cm PP (initial) 9 N/cm
    • PS (initial) 12.4 N/cm
    • PVC (after 14 days) 13 N/cm PVC (initial) 12 N/cm
    • Steel (after 14 days) 13 N/cm Steel (initial) 12 N/cm

    tesa® 51571 Properties

    • Temperature resistance short term 80 °C Temperature resistance long term 40 °C
    • Tack +
    • Ageing resistance (UV) o
    • Humidity resistance +
    • Static shear resistance at 23°C ++
    • Static shear resistance at 40°C ++
    • Static shear resistance at 70°C +
    • Fogging +
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  6. Tissue Tape

    Tissue Tape

    £0.89 Inc VAT ( £0.74 Ex VAT)

    Tissue Tape - Hand Tearable Double Sided Tape

    Finger Lift and Flush Edge Tissue Tape from Affixit

    Tissue Tape is a double sided tape which is fromed by coating a non-woven tissue carrier with adhesive on both sides.

    It is fast to apply and is used in the print finishing industry because of this fact.

    Finger lift tissue tape has an oversized liner running down both sides of the tape, this further improves the speed of liner removal and is a firm favoiurite with envelope manufacturere. 

    Flush edge tissue tape does not have an over sized liner, the backing liner is simply cut to the same width as the double sided tissue tape.

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Double Sided Tape

Minimal Price: £ 0.74 0.74

Double Sided Tapes from Affixit

Affixit offer an extensive range of high performance, pressure sensitive, double sided adhesive tapes for permanent fixing of a wide variety of surfaces.

Affixit double sided tapes are suiable for domestic and industrial use and perform in many different applications and industries.

Double sided tapes are offered on a next day service for standard widths. We can also suppply them is bespoke sized rolls and custom made gaskets*.

Brands include: Lynvale, Tesa, 3M, Scapa, Saint Gobain.

Custom Double Sided Tape

Bespoke sized rolls and gaskets are available please call 01440 765 515 to discuss your application.