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  1. Floor Marking Tape

    Floor Marking Tape

    £4.49 Inc VAT ( £3.74 Ex VAT) As low as: £3.82

    Floor Marking Tape - Premium Grade

    Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tape

    Factories, Schools, Warehouses, Sports Halls and Hospitals Floor marking tape scapa 2721 Red

    Premium quality soft PVC tape, which uses an aggressive pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive system. It combines excellent mechanical strength, easy traversal tear ability and abrasion resistance with excellent conformability for use in lane marking and flooring applications. Flexible and durable this heavy duty floor marking tape provides an instant marking that needs no time to dry, it is much quicker and cleaner to use than traditional floor marking paint. Perfect for marking sports halls, access routes and production areas. Also useful for colour coding and general splicing.This tape will work on internal floors and out door environments that are protected.

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  2. Carpet Protection Film

    Carpet Protection Film

    £23.99 Inc VAT ( £19.99 Ex VAT)

    Carpet Protection Film Economy & Professional Grades self adhesive carpet protection film

    Applies Easily, Removes Cleanly (No Sticky Residue Left Behind!)

    Professional Grade Carpet Protection Film

    45 Day Protection for Wool and Synthetic Carpets 

    This self adhesive carpet protection film has been specifically designed to provide you with the ultimate protection for your carpeted surfaces (including wool carpets) against dirt, dust and general light maintenance debris. Perfect protection for your D.I.Y. projects, decorating, renovating, hiring (avoid deposit issues), entertaining & even muddy paws!
    • Carpeted Floors
    • Synthetic Carpet Floor Covering
    • Natural Carpet Floor Coverings

    Economy Grade Carpet Protection Film


    This protection film has been specifically designed to provide you with a shorter term, economical protection for your synthetic carpeted surfaces. *Please Note Economy Grade is NOT Suitable for Wool Carpets

    Instructions: Film must be stored in original packaging & used within 9 months from date of purchase. Remove film from surface within 30-45 days from application date. Surface must be vapor free & free of of dirt, dust, grease, oil & other foreign matter. Suitable for internal use only.

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  3. Carpet Tape

    Carpet Tape

    £3.49 Inc VAT ( £2.91 Ex VAT)

    Carpet Tape

    Strong Double Sided Carpet Tape for Carpets and Underlays

    The holding power of the Ultimate Carpet Tape is not to be taken lightly. This double sided tape will keep your carpets & underlay exactly where you want them to be even in high traffic areas. It can be torn by hand during installation and will carpet tapegrab immediately thanks to it aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive system

    Available in 5M & 10M Rolls as standard.

    This double sided tape should only be used for permanent use,

    Service temp -10°C to 50°C

    This tape is unbranded, we can re-brand for you with a MOQ of 2,500 rolls.

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  4. NEC Carpet Tape

    NEC Carpet Tape

    £8.20 Inc VAT ( £6.83 Ex VAT)

    NEC Carpet Tape

    Double Sided Carpet Tape for Temporary Fixing of Exhibition Carpets

    This NEC Carpet Tape has full approval from the National Exhibition Centre and provides the perfect solution if you need to fit a carpet on a temporary basis. 

    Our N.E.C. (National Exhibition Centre) approved Carpet Tape is specifically designed for temporary carpet installations direct to exhibition floors and can also be used for on set, in marquees, dance floors etc literally anywhere that removal of the carpet is likely.

    NEC carpet Tape


    When the exhibition is over the tape peels off easily & cleanly from the carpet backing and the floor surface without leaving any glue or adhesive residue behind.>

    Our Double Sided Adhesive N.E.C. Tape can be used on carpets, carpet tiles and floor coverings.

    This NEC carpet tape is coated with an emulsion acrylic adhesive on the open side and a hot melt adhesive on the closed side. The open side can be easily removed without leaving any surface residue but has a higher coat weight for use on less smooth floor surfaces so it can cope well with irregular and uneven surfaces.

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Carpet & Flooring Tapes

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