Airtight Tape

Wednesday, 5 August 2020 14:04:12 Europe/Lisbon

Airtight Tape airtight tape haverhill

Airtight Tape Application Area

Airtight Tape is used for sealing a wide range of boards & membranes. It has a unique, high performance adhesive making it possible to bond to surfaces where most adhesive fail.

High Performance Airtight Sealing of Joints in Boards & Membranes

The high performance adhesive system provides a superior bond with excellent tack values. It adheres well even to non-polar & low energy surfaces. Bonds especially well to PE Foil and HDPE/PP/PE Fleeces. The elastic film carrier is reinforced with PE-Scrim, to promote excellent bonding to a wide range of surfaces. The material is Highly Heat / wrinkle resistant and guarantees an airtight seal. The material has a unique acrylic dispersion properties to increase the life expectancy of the seal.


  • Provides Instant Airtight Seal for Board & Membrane Joints
  • Bonds to Cement Particle Boards, Calcium Silcate Boards, Sheeting Boards, Plywood, Chipboard and, Flexible Vapor Barrier Materials,airtightness tape
  • High Performance Adhesive
  • Meets the Strict requirements of En EV (DIN4108-7)  

Airtight Tape Technical Data

  • Adhesive Carrier: LDPEco Film, Black Reinforced with scrim
  • Adhesive System: Acrylic Dispersion
  • Thickness without Liner: 0.30-0.33mm (DIN EN 1942)
  • Peel Adhesion: >25N/25mm; 300% (DIN EN 1441 0)
  • Application Temp: +5C
  • Temp range: -30C to +100C
  • Reaction to Fire: Class E (DIN EN 13501-1)
  • Water Resistance: High
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Green Glue Sealant

Friday, 3 July 2020 14:26:34 Europe/Lisbon

Green Glue Sealant 828ml (Noiseproofing Acoustic Sealant)

For joints and perimeters, this sealant provides gap filling for up to 10mm where the wall meets the floor or ceiling, and where two walls meet. It can also be used around outlet and switch boxes. 

Sound will always find its way out of a space, this can be prevented with Green Glue Sealant.

Sealing around your noiseproofing perimeters & joints can make all the difference between success or failure in your soundproofing project.

Green Glue Sealant is Paintable after 48 hrs Drying Time

The sealant increases STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating, which is necessary in LEED certified facilities. Additionally, it is non-hazardous, has practically no odour, and it resists drying out or cracking with age. Having been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories for fire safety and environmental impact, Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant lives up to expectations.

Green Glue Sealant Now Available from Affixit

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Face Shields

Thursday, 23 April 2020 14:29:14 Europe/Lisbon

Affiixt Launch Affordable, Self Assembly Face Shield Kits

500 Face Shields per Box - Made in the UK face shields made in the UK by Affixit, Cheap Self Assembly Face Shields / Visors

These self-assemble Face Shields provide easy and instant protection to the face.

Click Here To Order Online

They assemble in no time at all and come with an adjustable headband to ensure one size fits all.

Made from clear, recycled APET (made in the UK) with a Super Soft Foam Head Band (also made in the UK) for maximum comfort.

Mass Production Available - Bulk Discounts Offered

Call 01440 766 975

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Social Distancing Floor Signage

Monday, 23 March 2020 14:02:20 Europe/Lisbon

Social Distancing Floor Sign Holders Next Day Delivery

Pack of 10 Social Distancing Floor Sign Holders for A4 Signs

Self adhesive custom signs that allow you to quickly and cost-effectively create anysocial distancing floor sign holders custom sign.

Simply print out your sign using a standard inkjet or LaserJet printer onto A4  paper and insert underneath the strong plastic cover. These social distancing floor sign holders are a great way of creating bespoke floor signs quickly.

Social Distancing Floor Sign Template - A4

Constructed from a thick piece of homogenous plastic film, they feature a coloured frame with a clear window in the centre, the top surface lightly embossed to stop it being slippy in the wet.

Manufactured with a permanent, high performance adhesive that will ensure the floor signs do not lift in uses.

STOP - Floor Signage

Durable Self Adhesive Stop Signs for Floors and Walls 430mm

Constructed from an industrial grade plastic, these saftey floor signs are intended for use in factory warehouses and buildings where restrictions and safety notifi­cations need to be highlighted. The STOP Design is printed onto the surface, and then a top laminate applied over that to protect the print, preventing its important messages from being worn off and therefore resulting in them lasting a long time even in heavy traffic areas.

Social Distancing Floor Signs social distancing floor signs STOP

Whilst these had been traditionally designed for industrial use they ar being widely used in shops, supermarkets and banks as social distancing floor signs.

Using social distancing floor signs will assist in the public adhering to the recommended guidelines of keeping 2 Meters apart during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Joist Tape

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 14:12:00 Europe/Lisbon

Sound Proof Your Floors with Joist Tape


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Single Sided Foam Tape

Thursday, 9 January 2020 14:49:15 Europe/Lisbon

Single Sided Foam Tape, Medium Density, Closed Cell PVC Foam Tape

Sealing (air, dust, water & draughts), Cushioning, Insulating & Noise Dampening

Quick & Easy to Use Multi-functional Foam Tape. Available in rolls, sheets & custom made gaskets. Suitable for internal & external use. 

Service Temperature:-30°C to 70°C.

Minimum of 30% Compression Required for Water Sealing Uses.

single sided foam tape for air sealing single sided foam tape for water sealingfoam tape for cushioning

Single sided foam tapes provide a wide variety of solutions. You can use single sided foam tape to create a seal, cushion, insulate and also for noise dampening purposes.

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Green Glue Tape

Thursday, 9 January 2020 13:57:40 Europe/Lisbon

The Official Green Glue Solution to Squeaky Floors! Green Glue Distributor

One of the biggest noise complaints is the sound of footsteps and squeaky floors.

There is nothing more annoying than TRYING to walk quietly on a floor that squeaks and creeks with every footfall.

The squeaking that’s driving you crazy occurs naturally when floors settle, floorboards and joists rub together with pressure from above. Traditional solutions like reticulated foams or soft foams are not long lasting though, but there is an easy solution: Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape. This foam tape dampens foot traffic noise and helps to create an airtight seal, this makes sqeaking a thing of the past.

Rolling Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape takes practically no time at all & can easily be incorporated into flooring jobs. Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape installs easily by hand. Simply roll or lay tape onto floor joists, adhesive side down, and install sub floor on top. As well as practically eliminating queaking, it also acts as a form of insulation to improve energy efficiency.


FEATURES Green Glue Tape

  • Quick Installation
  • Easily to Incorporate into Floor Jobs 
  • Eliminates Squeaky Floors
  • Reduces Impact Noise
  • Improves Energy Efficiency


  • Make sure all surfaces are free from dirt, grease, and water before applying the foam tape.
  • Apply the Noiseproofing Joist Tape adhesive side down evenly to the top of each floor joist.
  • Once placement of the Noiseproofing Tape is complete, apply the sub-floor as normal to joists.
  • Please note: the use of construction adhesive is NOT recommended when securing the subfloor and will compromise the effectiveness of the Green Glue Tape.


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