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£2700 Donated to Charities & Worthy Causes
Posted on 9th January 2019

£2,700 Donated to Fantastic Causes

It is with great pleasure we announce the Charities, Clubs & Causes that will each receive a donation of £100.00 

East Anglian Air Ambulance
Cancer Research
Maddison Martin (rising Wheelchair Basketball Superstar)
British Heart Foundation
Royal Air Forces Association
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Sunday Suppers (local, volunteer lead charity delivery food & clothing to those sleeping rough in Bury St Edmunds)
Hundon Bowls Club
Wood Green The Animals Charity
Macmillan Cancer Support
Karis May Darling Foundation
Arthur Rank Hospice
Rainbow Trust
Petes Dragons (Provides bereavement support after suicide loss)
Autism NI
Claire House Childrens Hospice
The Childrens Hospice South West
The Missing Kind 
Manchester Childrens Hospital
Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust
TOFS (supporting those born unable to swallow)
Birmingham Childrens Hospital Charity
St Helena Hospice
Medecins Sans Frontieres aka Doctors without Borders
Anthony Nolan Trust
Circus Starr (providing free Circus entertainment to disadvantage, disabled or vulnerable children)

Foam Tape for Water Sealing
Posted on 8th October 2018

Foam Tape for Water Sealing

When compressed by 30% our standard range of closed cell, single sided PVC Foam Tapes will provide a 1000pa water seal.

30% Compression - 1000pa Seal

These tapes are stocked in thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm up to 15mm in Black, Grey or White.

Most frequently supplied in rolls this water sealing foam tape can also be supplied in sheets and custom made gaskets, presented on sheets or rolls.

Standard and bespoke rolls are available on a next working day service (UK). 

Custom gaskets can be produced with little or zero tooling expense using our in house CAD technology and prototype machines.

Call 01440 765 515 to discuss your application with a Foam Tape Expert.

Saint-Gobain | Norseal | Scapa | tesa | 3M

Green Glue Case Study
Posted on 8th February 2018


Despite the difficulties raising animals in a city environment – from limited residential space to dangerous traffic conditions – an increasing number of the urban working population in North America are becoming pet owners. This has seen a corresponding rise in pet concierge services, geared towards providing day care and vacation boarding for pets whose owners are too busy look after full time.

As any owner will admit, however, not all pets are quiet by nature, and concierge services are increasingly looking at soundproofing options to help keep the noise down.Paul Compitus, owner of Wiggly Pups - a pet concierge located in New York’s Gramercy Park, was aware of the problem from the start.

Most of the space Wiggly Pups used was constructed such that any noise would be muffled, but Compitus quickly realized that the reception area in particular was very noisy and would need some extra help to prevent noise travelling between rooms. A systematic approach to noiseproofing the walls, he hoped, would help keep the sound levels down and his business popular with neighbors.

To reduce noise transmission, Compitus applied both the Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant between the original drywall and a second layer of drywall in the reception area. The project was a success. Noise levels decreased significantly through the walls and have allowed Wiggly Pups’ furry tenants – and their human neighbors – to enjoy the convenience of a local pet concierge, without disrupting their lives.

“New Yorkers may become immune to traffic, construction and even police sirens, but they’re still not used to being serenaded by barking dogs,” says Compitus. “Installing the Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant enabled me to keep my company located in the residential building of a premier neighborhood and still tend to the dog owners needs.”

Green Glue, Dog Barks

Expanding Foam Tape Achieves BBA Approval
Posted on 17th January 2018

BBA Approval for EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape

Affixit is delighted to announce that EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape has passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspections of production and has consequently been awarded an Agrément Certificate.

Quality, Safety, Reliability

Products that receive Agrément Certificates are recognised by building control, government departments, architects, specifiers and industry insurers. It’s a mark of quality, safety and reliability that provides reassurance of the product’s fitness-for-purpose.

"We are very excited about the certification awared to EXP 6. It already had the data and proven track record and now it has the certificate to further assure confidence in it's ability to perform"

EXP 6 Expanding Foam Tape is availible Next Day from

Standard sizes are held in stock for same day dispatch (order by 2pm Monday-Friday).

Custom sizes can also be supplied in a matter of hours.

Order Online or Call 01440 709 179

  •  Complies with the DIN 18542 BG 1 and DIN 18055
  • Reliability through a wider joint application range
  • Seals against wind, dust, driving rain
  • Vapour diffusion permeable
  • Good adhesive properties, to aid application
  • Permanently elastic with long term life expectancy
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Can be painted over with standard emulsion paints
  • Compatible with all known standard building materials
  • Applications in all construction areas and building types are possible
  • CE-certified 
  • Constant quality to DIN EN ISO 9001 & DIN standards, with regular controls from independent institutions
  • Externally supervised by ift Rosenheim: for driving rain and air permeability (a-value)
  • 10 year performance guarantee*
Crossweave Filament Tape
Posted on 12th October 2017

Reinforced Crossweave Glass Filament Tape

Tough Polyproplene Backing | High Tear Resistance | Sold Individually | Box Discounts

  • Perfect for Reinforcing Cartons and Containers
  • Sticks Instantly to All Paper and Board Surfaces
  • Long Lastisting Adhesive Power
  • Excellent Resistance to Abrasion, Moisture and Scuffing
  • Difficult to Tear
  • Heavy Duty, Durable Tape

Reinforced with glass fibre filaments this is an extremely tough and resistant filament tape which is tear and burst resistant. Ideal for reinforcing cartons and containers, or strapping and banding heavy goods, supporting / reinforcing heavy boxes & export consignments.

The powerful, pressure sensitive, hot melt adhesive system adheres instantly to all paper and board surfaces and continues to stick long after application.

Affixit cross woven filament tape has a clear polypropylene film backing reinforced with two-directional (both across the width and length) glass filaments. The polypropylene backing provides excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture and rubbing, scuffing & tearing.

Joist Tape
Posted on 5th July 2017

Joist Tape

NORTON CST™ (Comfort and Silence Tape) is a patented, uniform gasket that provides a unique noise control and thermal break solution to both residential and commercial construction. It has been successfully used for more than 25 years. NORTON CST™ is a specially formulated closed cell foam tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and a protective durable surface on the other side.

Unique Noise Control & Thermal Break Tape

Features & Benefits of Norton CST Joist Tape

  • Uniform gasket: consistent thickness and width throughout (standard joist stud widths of 2", 2½" & 2¾")
  • Noise reduction: sound transmission noticeably reduced, squeaks/call-backs eliminated
  • Vibration isolation
  •  Zero waste of material
  • Self-adhesive: quick and clean application, no special skills required
  • Smooth top surface: subfloor slides easily into position.
  • Durable: good for life of building
  • Versatile: can be applied on-site or pre-applied off-site

Typical Joist Tape Applications

  • Residential and commercial construction.
  • Floors: steel joists, timber joists
  • Walls: steel studs, timebr joists
  • Ceilings: steel rafters and trusses

NORTON CST™ (Comfort and Silence Tape) is a patented, uniform gasket that provides a unique noise control and thermal break solution to both residential and commercial construction. It has been successfully used for more than 15 years. NORTON CST™ is a specially formulated closed cell foam tape with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and a protective durable surface on the other side.

Noise Control

NORTON CST™ virtually eliminates squeaks. It leaves a quieter and more comfortable floor preventing costly call-backs! Thanks to NORTON CST™’s ability to dampen vibrations: - Impact sound transmission (IICrating - Impact Insulation Classification) through floors is reduced up to 10 times! (ASTM E-989). - Airborne sound transmission (STC rating - Sound Transmission Class) through walls is reduced up to 20 times! (ASTM E-90).

Improved Thermal Performance

When used on either one or two sides of steel framing, NORTON CST™ serves as a thermal break that will help lower energy costs.


NORTON CST™ does not mold or mildew. By preventing condensation caused by temperature differentials, NORTON CST™ helps eliminate “ghosting” stains that outline metal studs in the wall. Its durability makes it a lifelong value-added to a residential or commercial building.



Intumescent Foam Sealing Tape - FS1000
Posted on 16th June 2017

Multi-Functional Fire Sealing Foam

FS1000® Foam Tape by Norseal®

Intumescent   |  Airtight  |   Watertight  |  Thermally Insulating  |  Conformable  |  Compressible  |  Resilient  |  Vibration Dampening

When exposed to temperatures of 200ºC Norseal® FS1000 foam sealing tape will expand to form a fire-resistant char, blocking fire, smoke & hot gasses.

In addition to providing a temperature activated fire stop it also performs many other functions under normal circumstances. Traditionally these solutions would have been provided for by at least two different tapes or components. Norseal® FS1000® is the worlds first & only tape that can deliver these functions in one product.


  • Expandable & Fire Resistant Expands at 200ºC
  • Airtight When compressed by 30% FS1000 will provide a 1000Pa air tight seal
  • Watertight When compressed by 30% FS1000 will provide a watertight seal
  • Vibration Dampener FS1000 is able to damp vibrations & decouple two elements


  • Compressible & Resilient It can be compressed easily and quickly, springs back to its original thickness
  • Conformable It is a soft foam tape that will conform to uneven surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly Contains no halogen compounds, neither are there concerns for toxic gas emissions when heated. It does not disperse dust so is safe for the the installer & those within the vicinity

Sizes & Formats 

This tape is available in thickness of 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm & 13mm.

FS1000 is available in standard size rolls from Affixit - click here for further details

Affixit can also supply FS1000 as custom sized rolls, sheets & bespoke gaskets.

Large enquiries will be supported with quantity based discounts.

Expanding Foam Tape
Posted on 26th April 2017

Self Expanding Foam Tape for Total Protection

Pre-Compressed Expanding Foam Tape is a pre-formed strip seal used to resist weather ingress in fenestration, roofing & construction applications.

It will expand to fill any available space and provides a permanently elastic weather seal against the elements including wind driven rain.

It has a high tack, self adhesive backing which makes installation quick and easy and clean.


  • Perimeter seals for windows & doors
  • Expansion Joints
  • Joints for Portable or Sectional Buildings
  • Abutment Seals for Conservatories
  • Acoustic Seal
  • Timber Buildings
  • Ductwork Sealing
  • Roof lights
  • Installation of Solar Panels
  • Caravan & Mobile Home manufacture

Benefits of Expanding Foam Tape

  • Quick Installation
  • Easy to Apply
  • Improves Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Moderate Expansion Rate
  • Seals Uneven Surfaces
  • Clean To Use
  • Accommodates Joint Movement
  • Allows Easy Ventilation of Joint
  • Easy to Quantify Usage
  • Minimal Waste
  • Can be painted after installation

Expanding Foam Tape - Easy to Install