Clear Acrylic Foam Tape 12mm x 1mm x 33M

Clear Acrylic Foam Tape 12mm x 1mm x 33M
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Acrylic Foam Tape

High Performance, Permanent Bonding


This high performance Acrylic Foam Tape will offer you a strong and secure bond to a wide variety of surfaces.  Suitable for both internal and external applications Acrylic Foam Tape is quick and easy to apply and is so strong that it is fast replacing traditional, mechanical fasteners. It has excellent ageing properties and is resistant to U.V. light, abrasion, corrosion & moisture.

  • Any Applications that require an Invisible Bond
  • Safety Glass Manufacture
  • Bonding of Clear Plastics
  • Glass Partitioning

Strong Instant Bond - No drying time required to create a bond with high holding strength
Bond & Seal in One Process - The unique properties of Acrylic Foam Tape will bond two substrates and create a seal simultaneously, keeping out dirt, water & chemicals
Eliminates Dimpling and Pull Through - The viscoelastic properties of Acrylic Foam Tape absorb shock and flexing caused by vibration, impacts, thermal movement and wind.
Eliminates Weak Points - Acrylic Foam Tape requires no drilling & distributes stress evenly along the bond line eliminating weak spots caused by drilling, rivets, welds and areas that have a high ratio of surface area to stress
Anti-Fatigue & Vibration Properties - Acrylic Foam Tape remains permanently elastic absorbing vibrations and acoustic waves offering vibration dampening & noise reduction properties
Reduces Corrosion - There are different thicknesses of Acrylic Foam Tape, these can be used to simultaneously bond and separate metal surfaces reducing the potential of galvanic corrosion
Temperature, Chemical and U.V. Resistant - Acrylic Foam Tape is resistant to U.V. rays & weak chemicals. Service temperatures range from -30°c to +230°c
Invisible Bond - Acrylic Foam Tapes creates a bond that is virtually invisible, bonded surfaces remain smooth, and retain clean lines enhancing the appearance of unique designs
Bonds Difficult (Low Surface Energy) Surfaces - Specific Acrylic Foam Tapes have been developed to bond surfaces that have low surface energy, including powder coated and painted surfaces
Save Money! - Acrylic Foam Tape can be applied quickly with minimal surface preparation & application training. It eliminates time consuming skilled labour required for drilling, welding, grinding etc and can be applied through out the production line. Unlike liquid adhesives there is no waste as Acrylic Foam Tape is cut to your specific requirements and is supplied in slit rolls or bespoke die cuts to fit any size or shape required

Acrylic Foam Tape

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Acrylic Tape
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Clear Foam Tape
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