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  1. Sticky Label Remover

    Sticky Label Remover

    £7.79 Inc VAT ( £6.49 Ex VAT) As low as: £5.69

    Sticky Label Remover

    Removes Self Adhesive Tapes, stickers, labels, chewing gum, wet paint, oil, grease, crayon, glue & wax from most surfaces. Suitable for desks, worktops, glass, metals & plastics.

    This aerosol label remover is quick and simple to use. Simply spray and wipe and your adhesive residue will be gone. 

    • 500ml Can
    • Dissolves Adhesive
    • Quick & Efficient Removal
    • Fragrant
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  2. Alcohol cleaning wipes for adhesive tapes

    Alcohol Wipes (pack of 50)

    £9.99 Inc VAT ( £8.32 Ex VAT) As low as: £5.99

    100% Alcohol Wipes

    Pack of 50 Isopropanol Wipes in Individual Sachets

     Cleanse, Prepare & Degrease Prior to Bonding

    Each wipe is individually packaged in a sachet measuring 60mm x 80mm containing a single low linting wipe measuring 185mm x 145mm. The wipes are effective in removing dust, dirt, and grease prior to applying your adhesive tape.

    They can also be used on electronics, print heads and peripherals across a number of applications where fast evaporation is required.

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  3. surface preparation wipes

    Surface Preparation Wipes (10pk)

    £2.99 Inc VAT ( £2.49 Ex VAT)

    Removes Dirt, Dust & Grease for Optimum Bonding

    These wipes will remove contaminates from your substrate quickly & easily. They are considered an essential product partner when it comes to technical adhesive tapes (NOT an optional extra).

    Failure to prepare your surface could result in your tape or adhesive bonding with dirt, dust or grease which is a fast track route to product failure.

    Protect your purchase and your product performance with correct preparation every time!

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  4. pneumatic sealant gun

    Pneumatic Sealant Gun

    £559.99 Inc VAT ( £466.66 Ex VAT) As low as: £459.99

    Pneumatic Sealant Gun 

     DP 400-100-10 Pneumatic Sealant Gun 400ml

    The Sulzer Mixpac DP 400 400ml pneumatic cartridge offers large capacity and lightweight design for consistent and precise metering with the added benefit of air pressure assistance. The DP 400 cartridge gun was built with an aluminum alloy housing and wear resistant mechanisms to the highest quality standards. User safety was built into the design of the DP 400 pneumatic glue gun with an integrated pressure relief valve and safety switch which does not allow thrust if there is no cartridge loaded. This cartridge glue gun works with most standard 400ml cartridges including the C Series and F Series from Sulzer.

    • 10:1 6 bar, actuator Ø 100, C F Mixing 10:1 Ratio
    • Perfectly sealed interface between The mixer and cartridge
    • Safe and clean working
    • No cross-mixing
    • Little user effort required
    • Fatigue-free working


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  5. Battery Sealant Gun for Medium and High Viscosity 2 Component Compounds (suitable for Sika SG500 and Sika SG550)

    Battery Sealant Gun

    £839.00 Inc VAT ( £699.17 Ex VAT) As low as: £759.00

    400ml 2 Component Battery Sealant Gun

    Electraflow VBE 400 MR 400ml Battery Dispenser for Sealants

    Precision Dispensing for Sika SG500 & SG500 as well as other Medium and High Viscosity Compounds Mixed at 10:1

    Includes 1x Battery & 1 x Charger - 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

    Battery Sealant Gun Technical Data

    • Weight: 3.8kg / 8.3lbs
    • Frame Length: 203mm / 8.0in
    • Maximum Thrust: 5kN
    • Voltage: 18V Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah
    • Battery Charge Time: 2.0Ah 35min / 4.0Ah 45min
    • Battery Type: Li-ion Handle
    • Material: PC/ABS
    • Frame Material: Steel/ Aluminum
    • Tool Component Approvals: CE, REACH, RoHS
    • Cartridge Capacity: 400mL (14oz)
    • Cartridge Ratio: 10:1
    • Viscosity: Medium/High (Sika SG500 & Skia SG550 Compatible)
    • Standard Color: Black/Grey
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