Self Adhesive Tapes

Every Self Adhesive Tape provides a solution, when selecting the adhesive tape for your application it is important to consider the primary function of the self adhesive tape and these can be split into the following categories;

  • Bond - In simple terms, this means sticking two surfaces together. You will need double sided tape, or double sided foam tape
  • Seal - These function be split into two further categories 1) Air Seals 2) Water Seals, usually you would only require a single sided adhesive foam tape which needs a degree of compression to provide a seal
  • Cushion - Again, this function is usually catered for by single sided foam tapes
  • Anti Slip - Anti slip tapes have an adhesive backing and usually an abrasive anti-slip coating, however some single sided foam tapes also offer anti slip properties
  • Noise Reduction - Generally noise reduction is the job for foam tape, both single sided and double sided foam tapes offer easy solutions in this field
  • Space Creator - Sometime you may need to keep two surfaces apart, this is the job for high density foam tapes that will not compress easily.
  • Space Filler - Either for aesthetic purposes or weather proofing etc filling voids is another job for foam tape. Adhesive requirements are determined by your requirement for a bond though most voids are filled with single sided foam tape

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