World Class Adhesive Tapes

Working withe the worlds most successful and reputable maunfacturers of Adhesive Tapes Affixit deliver custom solutions created by experts. Whether you need a standard roll, custom sized roll or bespoke gasket you can be sure you will find your solution with us.

Tesa Tapes availaible at

tesa® tapes are readily available from Our standard range includes tesa® 4965tesa® 51970tesa®4970tesa® 64621tesa® 51571tesa® 4323 - you'll find these on our website, if you are looking for a different tesa tape then please get in touch, we are always happy to increase our range of tesa® tapes if it makes your life easier.


  • Affixit® are proud distributors of tesa ® Adhesive Tapes We offer tesa ® adhesive tapes in standard sized rolls, as well as custom sized rolls and bespoke gaskets. If there is a tesa ® tape that you woudl like but can't see... more info