Foam Tapes available Next Day from Affixit®

internationally recognised Adhesive tape solutions 

We only offer approved, internationally recognised foam tapes at Affixit, that is why our customers stick with us time and time again. 

Wether you need to bond, seal, cushion, protect, insulate, sound proof  or anything else, let Affixit guide you to your perfect solution.

double sided foam tape

These type of foam tapes have adhesive on both sides, our standard, everyday double sided foam tapes are closed cell PE which have a great, all round performance acrylic adhesive system. These are suitable for both internal & external environements.

Black Double Sided Foam Tape  White Double Sided Foam Tape

single sided foam tape

Single sided foam tape only has adhesive on one side. Our standard single sided foam tape is a closed cell pvc foam tape which again features a great all round acrylic adhesive system, these are available in black (you have seven different thicknesses to choose from), Grey and White.

Black Single Sided Foam Tape   Grey Single Sided Foam Tape   White Single Sided Foam Tape

Foam Tape - specialist foam tapes

Anti Hot Spot Tape - Used to protect poly tunnels from heat damage

Draught Excluder Tape - Protect your home form costly draughts with our premium Draught Excluder Tape

Expanding Foam Tape - Permanently elastic weather seal on a roll, fully approved EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape

Joist Tape - Eliminates squeaky floors

Mirror Mounting Foam Tape - FIRA approved, this high performance foam tape from St Gobain is available next day in 4 sizes

OEM Approved Foam Tape - Normount V2800, for serious bonding applications

Thermalbond Structural Glazing Tape - Specified & trusted for over 35 years tyou can rely on Norton Thermalbond

Thermalbreak Tape - Thermalbreak solution on a roll


If you need a bespoke foam tape or not sure exactly what you need get in touch here for your bespoke foam tape solution