Anti Slip Tape Accessories

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  • the perfect primer for anti slip tape success Specifically designed to protect your investment in Anti Slip Tape this primer ensures water from porous surfaces will not be able to attack the adhesive on the underside of your Anti Slip Tape, this increases performance and durability Simply brush surface on prior to application
    Date added:2013-06-17 18:34:46
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    Price: £27.99 Inc VAT (£23.33 Ex VAT)
  • Extend the life of your anti slip tape quickly & easily This Edge Sealer has been designed specifically for use with  our  extensive range of high performance Anti Slip Tapes. It creates an secondary bond which acts as a seal, preventing lifting and water ingress. Ideal for high traffic areas it will extend the life of your Anti Slip Tape. Each tube contains 140ml which covers approx 35 linear metres
    Size 140ml (approx 35 Linear Metres)
    Date added:2013-06-17 19:12:44
    5 out of 5 stars 2 Reviews
    Price: £14.99 Inc VAT (£12.49 Ex VAT)
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